Weird Texas, by Wesley Treat, Heather Shade, and Rob Riggs

W E I R D   T E X A S

Cause everything's weirder in Texas, baby...


I've decided to post a page for Weird Texas news and updates. So, here 'tis...

I am so very proud of the awesome Weird Texas book, the first book I have co-authored! And I am really proud & humbled by my role in helping to create and contribute to it. I have never been involved in anything quite so damned exciting before! The book is out and widely available now, so if you haven't gotten it yet.... get it! It's nearly 300 pages of full-color glossy lovely weirdness... *grin*

Heather Shade, aka SHADY

August 20th I had my very-first book signing at one of the local El Paso Barnes & Noble stores, of course Lobo was there with me... it was a blast. We met so many people who were into the weirdness- from the ages of about 8 to 98- and we sold a lot of books. And it really tripped me out to see my name printed on a SIGN (Heather Shade is my 'nom de plume', btw guys). Oh wow!

Shady's book signing   Lobo & Shady

I did another B&N book signing on Sept 3rd. In fact, I have also been doing a series of radio interviews recently on the book as well, so check here if you wanna see the whole schedule of upcoming 'appearances'.

August 28th Also in recent book-exciting-ness.... the El Paso Times did an interview/article with me about Weird Texas, which was verrrry thrilling for me (hometown paper, and all) You can check out the El Paso Times article online...

Weird Texas in the news!

....oh, and on a funny side note- notice how they very-delicately cropped out MY BOOBS from the original bio pic (which you can see here, ha ha) in the version that they ran in the paper.

Too much boobiness for newsprint?? Heh heh heh.

September 3rd the second Weird Texas book signing at the west side Barnes & Noble's location, and it was great... there was an actual line of people waiting for us when we got there (in many parts due to the newspaper article... thanks Mr. Renteria!)...! Once again, we met a lot of really cool people, sold a lot of books, and had a really good time...

Weird Texas Book Signing  Weird Texas Book Signing  Weird Texas Book Signing  Weird Texas Book Signing

Weird Texas Book Signing  Weird Texas Book Signing

Weird Texas Book Signing  Weird Texas Book Signing


Anyway, that's the most recent Weird Texas news... and don't forget to watch the Marks every week on their new Weird US show on the History Channel (more info here)!! I will be updating here or on the Appearances page when there is more. Stay tuned.



I wanna wish a HUGE thanks to Mark M. and Mark S., for their encouragement, support, and faith in me. And to my friends, family, and beloveds, who put up with all of my craziness. Much luv to you all.




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