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Route 9... I heard so much about this road when I moved to Jersey. Everyone told me that it leads to everything; I can see that it really does. Just about anywhere I need to travel to starts out with a stint on Route 9. I heard stories that it used to be called "Killer Highway." It's believable. There is lots of traffic, and it does run the length of the entire state. I think I've only scratched the surface of what I may find on it. Here, a North-toSouth account of some of what I have found so far...


If you hit Route 9 in Howell, going South, you will pass the old resting place of:

*Sesame Inn: a forgotten, lonely Chinese restaurant, all darkened and boarded up... table for two, anyone?? *since demolished

Right next door to the Sesame Inn was Howell Carpet:

*Howell Carpet: a large, spooky old building sits abandoned, covered in grafitti and grime *since demolished

If you continue on 9 South, keep an eye out on your left for:

Jamesway: once a huge, bustling department store... now a barren and deserted shell

Right across the street from the Jamesway, on the other side of 9, lies:

Kobe Japanese Restaurant: elegant and desolate, the abandoned Kobe was once a lovely restaurant...

If you head South again on 9, you will soon see on your left:

The Vacancy Motel: the resting place of a spooky empty motel out on Route 9, complete with Vacancy sign- no reservations needed *since demolished

Further South, set back from Route 9 on the left, you can find:

Lost Destinations
Ocean Veterinary: this neglected & somber veterinary clinic quietly falls into decay

If you keep goin' South on 9, just past the railroad tracks on the left you'll see:

Lost Destinations
Sunset Cabin: this huge, rambling, old log cabin restaurant now stands quiet and deserted



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