T W I S T E D-T R E E   H O U S E

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil... Psalms 23:4

*this location has since been demolished

Twisted-Tree House, Freehold, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady


The large, abandoned house lay just off of Route 79 in Freehold, but if you didn't know it was there, you could miss it- nearly buried under a heap of vines, branches, and grotesquely twisted trees

I pulled the Exploiter off of the main road and onto the narrow tree-shaded lane that ran alongside the old farmhouse. The house was really big, and still had a ton of stuff inside, although it was pretty trashed in there. It was hard to get really close because of the choking vines and brambles hugging the house on all sides. I did notice that there was no graffiti anywhere on or around the place, (which is unusual for an abandoned site, unfortunately)... and I did somehow find something creepy about that!? The whole house in general was giving me a very intensely creepy vibe...

I had the luck of getting there just around sunset, and I really didn't like the idea of being out there all alone in the dark... the place was eerie enough in the daytime! The sun was sinking toward the horizon as I explored the grounds around the house, marveling at how tightly the trees had woven themselves around and even through the old structure... it's like they were devouring the house, swallowing it whole. They had poked their branches through wood, plaster, even window panes in their quest to overtake the house...

The ground floor windows were mostly inaccessible or dangerous looking, and parts of the house looked like they were ready to fall right off... I decided against trying to get inside. Just walking around the place was hard enough, as thickly wooded as it was. The place looked like it might have been an old farmhouse at some point in time, with fields around it on the other sides of the trees. A spindly spider (above, right) was the only occupant of the house that I encountered while I was there (thank goodness!)

Looking at it from some angles, it looked very Night-Of-The-Living-Dead-ish (I am kicking myself in the ass for not getting some b&w shots of it, duh!) Like I said, it was a pretty good sized place, and it had all the components needed to qualify for true creepiness...

In some spots, the trees had just pressed up against the house so closely... taking it over. It was quite a sight, some of the trunks wrapped against the angles of the house like giant petrified snakes; there were even branches coming out from inside the house in some places! And there were very strange things caught in the trees all around the house- bits of torn clothing, kitchen utensils, toys... even a baby bottle tangled in the branches high up above the second story of the house (above, right)

There was even moss blanketing the outer walls of the house, making the vegetative takeover near-complete. Lots of the windows still had glass in the panes, and I kept seeing funky reflections from the woods on the glass that were sort of freaky. I peeked inside a few of the them; there was still lots of stuff inside the house... like furniture, paintings, lamps, papers, and more. It was a very desolate feeling, to see that stuff lying there abandoned like that, and wondering... why?

The opening to the basement is visible, but shrouded in thorny brambles. So are most of the windows, for that matter. A long porch ran the length of the house, painted green and rotting in most places. I did stumble across a building back behind the house that was nearly 100% obscured by foliage (above, right) I almost didn't see it! It was really covered up completely.

By this point, the sun was going down, and I sure didn't want to be out there after dark, all alone; I had caught quite a few pics anyway, so I decided to head home. This place really had a malevolent, unwelcoming vibe... I don't quite know what it was about it, but it was spooky around there! I kept getting this mental image of the trees creeping up, around, and gripping the structure tightly like taloned hands, punching holes into the wooden frame as they dragged the whole house down into this giant mouth in the ground... lined with moss and brambles and jagged logs for teeth. I kept hearing noises from inside the brambles and vines, and monster-tree scenes from movies like Poltergeist & the Evil Dead were running through my imagination at that point! So, I opted for the safe interior of the Exploiter, and got the Hell outta there...

I wonder about the history of the place... what did it used to be? Who used to live there? And why was it deserted that way, left for the greedy trees of the hungry forest?


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Do you have any background information or stories to tell about this abandoned site?


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