S P L I T    R O C K   R O A D

Call on God, but row away from the rocks --Indian Proverb

Split Rock Road

Split Rock Road, Hibernia, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady

Spooky Split Rock Road... it's legends are many. According to local lore, it's got ghosts, cult activity, unexplained lights in the sky, animal carcasses, murder, suicide, and one heck of an urban legend- they say that if you drive down this lonely winding road late at night, gangs/Satanists/Klansmen/Albinos (depending on who you hear it from) will block both ends of the narrow, one-lane bridge that runs over the Split Rock Reservoir as you drive across it, trapping you in the middle

Split Rock Road

Split Rock Road

Split Rock Road

On one side- a deep reservoir with a powerful sucking drain that leads to certain death, on the other side- a loooong, deadly drop onto a man-made "waterfall"... your options would be pretty sucky either way, I'd say. There are also some really huge, old brick furnace-thingys in the woods off of Split Rock. We were surprised to find piles of bones on the altar-like concrete slabs at the base of the "waterfall", just as legend says.... see the bones, and more from our Split Rock trip here

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