name: Shady

location: El Paso, Texas

email: shady@lostdestinations.com

homepage: Shady's Virtual Lair

gratuitous Scooby plug: HeatherShade.com- my original photography site w/prints available for sale... CHEAP! *nudge-nudge*

Scooby skills: Eveel genius. I excel at all the nerdly stuff- research, computer searches for directions, background info, etc. They don't call me "Computer" for nothin'. Oh yeah, and I can refold a road map in under 10 seconds with my eyes closed.

fave Lost trip: every trip we took to scary old Lambertville High was always wicked

most memorable Scooby moment: when Liz & I were exploring the spooky old mill in Idaho, and we glimpsed out of one of the back doors only to discover the Tower of Terror- a HUGE, abandoned old haunted house attraction which we didn't even know existed- towering alone and forbidding off in the distance across a snow-covered field. We both looked out and said, "Oooooh," at the same time... LOL. That was really freakin' cool and quite an unexpected find!

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: Velma

dream car: 1958 Chevy Impala, jet black with midnight blue-to-violet flame job and a black all-leather interior, with chrome detailing inside & out and one of those macho chain steering wheels (c'mon, Jesse James... hook me up, man!! *grin*)

favorite villain/s: BRAK!!

hobbies & distractions: see this site, 'nuff said

hang-ups & phobias: human behavior

personal theme song for getting Lost: "You're Lost, Little Girl"...The Doors

I've lost: my way

places explored: Airplane Graveyard, The Bone House, Boyd's Sanatorium, Clinton Road, County Line Cottage, Dead Pool, Demon's Alley, Desolation Diner, Devil's House aka Sapphire Woods, Dover Mental Cage aka Cage of Hurd Park, Firehouse 526, The Geisler Place, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Green Acres, The Greenhouse, Gulick House, Harmony Church & Cemetery, The Hermitage, Hope Chapel House, Howell Carpet Warehouse, Idaho, Abandoned, Interstate Burial Ground, Jackson House, Jamesway, Kinnelon Castle aka Untermeyer Mansion, Kobe Restaurant, La Cueva, Lambertville High School, Lambertville High Revisited, The Lodge, McCurdy Lane, Monroc Facility, NY Yacht Club aka McFarlane-Bredt House, Ocean Veterinary, Old Coal Mill, Old Farm, Old Holmdel Yard, Paulinskill Viaduct aka Hainesburg Viaduct, Peterson's Sunset Cabin, Pleasureland, Poetry Graveyard, Ressel House aka House of 13 Rooms, Route 23 Mystery Poles, Route 9, San Elizario Cemetery, Sapphire Woods, Satanic Church, Sesame Inn, Shades of Death Road, Southwestern Weirdness, Split Rock Road, Staten Island Trip, Staten Island Monastery (St. Augustine), Stone Living Room, Tennent Church & Cemetery, Thunderbird Mountain, Tomb of 12 Nuns, Tower Of Terror, Twisted-Tree House, U.S. Lighthouse Service Depot, Vacancy Motel (Regency Motel), Van Patten Mountain Camp, West Milford, Whipporwill Valley Road, Winchester Mystery HouseWitches Hollow Road



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