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Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends --Czech Proverb


::T H E   S C O O B Y   C R E W::

They're ready & they're willin', you know they'll catch that villain (and which Scooby Doo villain are you?)... now, meet the  fearless crazies who blaze these trails through the wilds of New Jersey, Texas, California, and beyond... aka the Scoobies:


+ S H A D Y +

I'm your wacky webmistress. I guess you could say this whole crazy venture was my idea. I'm full of the harebrained schemes, I am. I started this site back in December of 2001, with just a few pages of my pics and stories. It grew from there. I love to explore unfamiliar places, sometimes alone, sometimes with my sidekick Lobo & my Scoobies by my side. And I am reallllly good at getting lost, ha. See Shady's profile


+ L O B O +


Lobo is my bestest friend, and the epitome of a virtual Scoob, and he's one Hell of a computer genius; in fact, he's our mad-scientific-computerific-eveeeel-genius-resident-advisor. Anytime there is a technical question, he's our tech guy, and he's responsible for most of the cool scripts and such you'll find here on this site. He also hung out with both Angel and I back in high school, how retro!! He has wolves for friends and makes his own medieval weapons too. Aauurr-oooooooo!!!! See Lobo's profile


+ C A S P E R +


Casper is our Iowan Scooby, my best girlyfriend, and even though the lovely girl is busy with her work, her awesome family- adorable bebes, gorgeous hubby- and her own photographic ventures, she's still taken the time to bring us some of the weird and wild from around the Hawkeye State. I'm so glad to have her along for the ride, 'cause she is an enthusiastic explorer and a kick-ass photographer with an eye for the spooky and unknown, and I can't wait to see where her adventures take her next! See Casper's profile


+ S H E - D E V I L +

+Shady & the She-Devil+

This Hell-raisin' She-Devil also happens to be my super-cool aunt, and one of the humans closest to me in all the world- she's known me my entire life, after all. She's been exploring things-weird-and-spooky with me since, well... since I was a little kid! Over the decades we've seen a lot of craziness together (and I have no doubt we're still gonna see lots more- trust me, it's inevitable... heh heh), and no matter what we do we always ALWAYS have a killer (and crazy) time together. See She-Devil's profile


+ A N G E L   E Y E Z +

+Angel Eyez+

My crazy sister- she howls at the moon. It's true, she does. She & I have been on many wild roadtrips together over the years, from TX, to CA, to New Orleans, NYC, & beyond. Some of the Southwestern weirdness we have found can be seen on this site, even. She's a buttkicker, always ready to explore. And, she makes some amazing handmade candles, too! See Angel's profile


+ L I Z +


Silly Liz,  my crazy bud! Liz is awesome- I just adore her :) She & I got lost in Idaho, and we found some really wicked-cool stuff. We also toured California's legendary Winchester Mystery House together- it was a blast! As you can see from the above pic, she's a lot of fun to "hang" with. Heh heh. I shot that pic of her in an old abandoned mill we explored together. Liz is also an incredible photographer AND make-up artist- she's gonna be famous someday, mark my words. See Liz's profile


+ R E P T I L L I K U S +


Yet another Diner regular, Reptillikus is known for his wild & crazy off road journeys in addition to his explorations of the lost and abandoned. He's also an ass-kicking web designer with a real knack for creating the most amazing Photoshop-induced artwork. In fact he designed a site that happens to be one of my favorite sites around- his own! See Rep's profile


+ R O B I N +


A veteran explorer and scary-talented web/graphic designer, Robin hangs in the Diner along with the rest of us weirdos, where she is affectionately known as "Starsaucer." And she keeps us in stitches with her hilarious wit. Her fan-tabulous website is filled with a treasure-trove of beautiful eccentricities, art, photos, writing, crafts, and bunnies. She loooooooves bunnies. A lot. See Robin's profile


...and last, but certainly not least we have...

+ T I G E R +



In loving memory... Tiger was an indispensable part of our Gang and an inspiration to us all. Full of attitude and charisma, Tiger embodied the spirit of curiosity and exploration that drives this website. Tiger was definitely one of a kind, and will be very, very missed.


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Whosoever braves the unknown highways & byways with us on our Lost road trips gets an honored space upon this hallowed page. Here you see some of the other courageous souls around the world who have ventured down dark & mysterious paths for the sake of this site... would you like to see YOUR picture here?? Email me to find out how!

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