H O U S E   O F   S A N D   A N D   F O G

...the fog is rising --Last words of Emily Dickinson

House Of Sand And Fog

House Of Sand And Fog, Freemont, Iowa

explored & photographed by: Casper

Again, our Scooby Casper takes us along on her explorations of the lost; check out her awesome pics and story...


"This house has been sitting along the highway abandoned for so long no one can really remember. I drive by it whenever I am on my way to visit my father, and have always wanted to stop. But never having my camera I never had, till the day I remembered to pack up my camera!

After dropping off my son to visit the grandparents for a weekend, my husband, Michael and I decided it was time to stop at the house I’ve been drooling over for months.
 We pulled onto the shoulder of the highway and got out. I instantly started snapping pictures, as Michael was a few steps in front of me the whole time. After a brisk walk around the house we had determined that it was unsafe to enter since the front porch and back porch were caved in.

Very disappointed about that, I tried the best I could to get pictures through the windows. Most rooms were empty except the kitchen and the living room. The kitchen still housed all of its old and rusty appliances, including a tipped over, crumbling high chair.

 The living room with a very dusty armchair and an old radiator in the background has to be my favorite picture of the house. Right by the living room window on the outside wall was old license plates attached to the back porch. I thought that was amusing.

It wasn’t until we discovered a way into the basement that our situation got really interesting. Being careful not to get stuck with a nail in the foot going down the stairs we entered a large basement, and when I took the first picture there in my view finder was nothing but a smoky fog like substance. I quickly took another picture and it was gone. It felt like something else was down there with my husband and I and every single hair on my body seemed to reach for the sky. Orbs danced everywhere, and Michael kept repeating it reminded him of the basement from “The Blair Witch Project.” (holds back the chills). I quickly snapped a few more pictures then we decided it was time to leave.

As we were walking back to the car a sheriff pulled up behind our car to see what we were doing. Once I told him why we were there, he got excited and just told me what HE knew from the story on the house.

A long time ago a farming family lived there. Their kids grew up and moved out and the couple continued to live there until the wife died. After a few more years of the old man living by himself the kids put him in a nursing home, where he died sometime later. The kids never moved into the house, but they wouldn’t sell it. So they just let it stay there rotting for whatever reason they had.

  Could it be because the ghosts of the Mom and/or Dad still live there? Or could it be for their own personal memory? Guess we’ll never know." --Casper

...and again, a very special THANKS to Casper (& Michael!), for sharing yet another great find with us- thanks guys... *hugs*!


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