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name: reptillikus

email: reptillikus@forensick.net

homepage: forensick.net

Scooby skills: im the sneaky one. Also good at finding our 'lost destination', even if theres no roads that go there!

fave Lost trip: SI Monastery. That place rocks.

most memorable Scooby moment: Finding the SI Monastery hidden away in the woods.

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: Fred (cuz, yknow, im usually the driver)

dream car: mine, only BIGGER!

hobbies & distractions: 4wheelin, (and then working on said 4x4s), exploring, and dabbling in photoshop & frontpage

hang-ups & phobias: cities. Man i hate cities!

personal theme song for getting Lost: "Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes" -Summoning

I've lost: my mind






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