T H E   P A R T Y   B U S

...The blue bus is callin' us... The blue bus is callin' us... And meet me at the back of the blue bus... --The Doors

The Party Bus

The 'Party Bus', Brighton, Iowa

explored & photographed by: Casper

Casper has explored/photographed yet another really cool place for us... goooo Casper... *cheers*!!! But I will shut up now, and ler her tell us the story of this intriguing lost place in her own words... *smile*


"I grew up in a small town called Brighton. It is a really small town of about 685 people, and back in the 80ís and early 90ís this place was booming. I remember every weekend during the summer time half the people of Brighton would gather down at the River on the outside of town for full weekend parties. Camping, drinking, swimming, fishing, the whole works. It was convenient that a small bar, called, The Skunk River Lodge was right there. It was the place to be.

I wasnít very old back then, but can still remember how much fun it was to be with my friends as our parents had their fun. Weíd always be everywhere. The camp grounds, the bar, in the river, roaming around spying on the adults. All the fun a young girl and her friends would do to get in trouble and when I got older it was the spying on the boys, making out behind trees, stealing beers from the coolers, and playing practical jokes on everyone else.

The bar, also known as a biker bar, would always have dances, karaoke, wet t-shirt contests, fishing contests, biker rallies, and tons of other fun things. It was always a party. That is until the bar closed down and everyone quit going down there to camp and party. I donít know what happened. I was 15 the last time I walked into the bar and camped down there. Everyone just quit going. Maybe it was the drugs that got everyone freaked out, or maybe people just got old and tired of playing around. Whatever it was the place was left abandoned. Only the bus that a couple in Brighton owned was left there, with cement blocks once used for tables, and the bar was turned into a rental house.

 Sometimes people would camp down there, and people still used the boat dock down the road but as for all the fun parties and bar time fun, that ended. All of a sudden The Skunk River Lodge came into the news three times in 2004. Once because there was a meth lab back in the woods, and rumor spread like wild fire that it had to do with the old bar. But it didnít. Just some dumb ass people thinking it would be a safe place to do it at since no one ever camped back there.

Then there was talk about the bar opening back up and the person living there was going to fix it up and the owners were going to re-open to try once again to salvage the time lost there. But that didnít happen either, because for some reason on an early fall morning in late September, the old bar went up in flames. Blew the side right out of it. It was ruined. Still standing up, but charred on the inside to the point where there isnít any more reason to even think about reopening the bar.

Now they are starting to tear it down. I donít know what is going to happen with the bar, but the siding is now off it, and the sign no longer stands. At least memories still exist..." --Casper

...and a great big *HUG/KISS* especially from me to Casper, for being so awesome and sharing such cool stuff with us... thanks, m'dear!!!


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