The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness --Havelock Ellis

Dripping Springs, New Mexico

Explored: Van Patten Mountain Camp, Boyd's Sanatorium, La Cueva

explored by: Shady & Angeleyez (photos by Shady)


Ready to hit the road?

The Scoobies explore Dripping Springs, one of the most mysterious canyons of the Organ Mountain range in New Mexico, home to a beautiful natural spring formation as well as the ruins of the Van Patten Mountain Camp, Boyd's Sanatorium, and the mysterious La Cueva...

We had planned this roadtrip for weeks and were super-excited when the day finally rolled around and it was time to hit the road. We were prepared for a hard day; we knew it was not gonna be an easy journey- there would be at least 3 miles of hiking though rough desert terrain in a very isolated area where other hikers have lost their lives, not to mention the dangerous presence of the mountain lions and rattlesnakes that populated the area. And we would be seeking out some very old ruins in a canyon that had a reputation for being filled with restless spirits. But we were psyched and ready for anything. It was a longish drive into the wilderness in order to even get to the national park area, and we got a little lost when we went to the wrong side of the mountain on our first try, heh heh. But we soon found the right place and got ready to hike into a rugged canyon filled with danger, legends, history, and mystery....




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