And all your northern castles yielded up... Shakespeare, King Richard II

North Jersey Road Trip

Kinnelon Castle, Split Rock Road, Dover Mental Cage, Satanic Church, Tomb of 12 Nuns

explored & photographed by: Shady

date: Sunday, May 19, 2002


Ready to hit the road?

May 19th... the Scoobies blazed a trail across North Jersey in search of legendary castles, tombs, churches and paths... and boy, did we find what we were seeking. It was for sure one of the best Lost trips yet! Special thanks to our new buddy Ryan, who we met unexpectedly while exploring the Tomb, and who was cool enough to share his impressive knowledge of the area's local history about the Tomb, and other weird local stuff, with us.

We left our apartment early, around 10 am (well, that's early for the likes of us), and hopped into the Shady Lady. We had to come up with some creative seating arrangements to fit everyone into the truck- I surrendered my co-pilot spot, and I ended up alllll the way in the very back, riding in the cargo area for the entire trip. In all actuality, it really wasn't too bad back there (besides bringing on flashbacks from the 70's of riding in the back of the family station wagon during our many Griswold-like family vacations!) I always bring my laptop, battery charger, power adapter, external disc drives, etc along with me when we go on a trip (call me Poindexter), and usually all this equipment is stacked precariously on my lap in the front seat. It's very unwieldy, not to mention the fact that the bottom of my laptop gets so super-HOT on my lap that it feels like my jeans are gonna be fused to my legs by the end of the! So, it was cool to be able to set up a little "office" back in the cargo area, I could sit comfortably cross-legged back there, and easily had room to set up all my stuff like a traveling mini-office (note to self: next time, bring butt-buffering pillow to sit on- it's bumpy back there!)

Our main objective of the day was the find Kinnelon castle, which we had all heard of, but never been to. We were also planning to hit up some other spots along the way that I had seen before, but the other Scoobs hadn't (the Satanic Church & the Dover Mental Cage), as well as to try and find the mysterious Tomb of 12 Nuns, which we had attempted (and failed) to find once before. Everyone was ready, and the Shady Lady's tank was full, so we hit the road and headed North in search of mystery & adventure...



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