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[July 6 2004] Well, once again we're hitting the road... this time we're headed to Dallas for the week, to do some exploring/photographing of the weirdness in and around the Dallas area for the WNJ book project! I'm so excited (and honored) to be part of this. I'm gonna bust my butt while getting tons of great material for them, and I know it'll be fun as Hell in the process. It's like a dream come true!

We're actually leaving in about an hour, hitting the road with our two kittens in tow which should be FUN, heh heh heh... (We didn't have anyone to kitten-sit). We'll be back sometime around next weekend (barring any unforeseen Blair Witch-like events) So I won't be around this week. But, I am leaving you guys with some spooky goodies in the meantime, compliments of our newest Scooby- Casper! Everyone be sure to give her a warm welcome to the site, she's already taken us on TWO virtual explorations of some really amazing things. First off is Iowa's legendary Black Angel, a spooooky graveyard monument with a really wicked reputation. Then there's Cuervo, a mirage of a lost and forgotten NM ghost town she discovered by accident on a roadtrip. Her photography is wonderful, she's an enthusiastic explorer with an eye for the weird, so check out those pages, and her profile!

Again, we'll be back at the end of the week. If you miss me, I've begun posting in my journal a lot again (including lots of pics), so you can have your fill of Shadyisms there  in the meantime, if you really must. Ha ha ha....

[June 18 2004] Phew. My aunt & I finally made it back from Tennessee last week... only to find out that my computer had bitten the dust. Ugh. So that set me back a 'lil bit as far as being able to add the pics from the trip, as you can imagine.

So anyway I've finally been able to add the stuff from our visit to the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home. With it's timeless old mansion, it's elaborate garden- complete with cemetery, and it's haunted reputation, it was a really interesting place. I've added lots of pics along with a handful of snapshots of other stuff from our trip, so check it out. I also added the new June's Full Moon pic, this one was shot during our trip in Tennessee, on a really windy stormy night when a kinda scary tornado was blowing in... so it's niiice 'n spooky.

Oh and in case you guys hadn't noticed, I changed a few things around here... the layout on this page is a wee bit different, the cartoon Shady up there is new, and I also now have some different spooky pics rotating on the main page (should randomly change each time you load the page) ...just wanted to change it up a bit. So, enjoy!

[May 28 2004] In MOST-excellent news... I have a very exciting assignment for the coming summer......... I've been asked by the Marks at Weird New Jersey to collaborate with them in contributing material for a new book they are producing- Weird Texas!! I'm such a fan of theirs, and their Weird NJ book is sooooo damned amazing- it's a masterpiece, really- so I can't help but be excited-silly over this!!! I'll be exploring some strange TX locales for them this summer, and I just cannot wait to get started.

Since I will be traveling Texas in search of the weird this summer, I wanted to ask if anyone out there has any leads or tips on strange, spooky, and/or haunted locations, abandoned places, graveyards, etc, here in the Lone Star State? If you do I'd love to hear about it- maybe I can get to it this summer- so please drop me a line at submissions@lostdestinations.com and let me know about it! Thanks guys.

...and finally, as some of you know from last night's chat, I'm leavin' on a week-long road trip to Tennessee with my aunt tomorrow morning... so I won't be around this week. I'll try to post entries from the road in my journal if I can manage it, so keep an eye out. I'll 'see' you all when I return!

[May 15 2004] At last- updates updates updates!! Yep, there's some new stuff to explore... first, the mysterious Upper Canyon Cabin -a long-abandoned stone cabin rising out of a tangled green forest like an urban exploration fairy tale- has been added (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll)...

...also, I've also added a page about the Angel Tree, a strange watchful figure carved from the trunk of a dead tree that stands silently alongside a secluded roadway... and, I've added a whole new category to the picture gallery, the Lost Southwest- a virtual tour of some of the weirdness here in my Southwestern stomping grounds! And I'd like to welcome the newest Scooby to the site, who also happens to be my awesome Aunt, also known as the She-Devil, heh heh... don't be afraid, she won't bite. We hope.

...and finally, May's Full Flower Moon pic has been added to the Full Moon Calendar, and March and April's Full Moon pics have been added to the Full Moon Gallery (sorry 'bout the delay).

[February 11 2004] the majestic old U.S. Lighthouse Service Depot/Coast Guard Headquarters added (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll), an intriguing waterfront site dotted by many looming and intricate vacant structures that are rich with history... plus February's Full Hunger Moon pic added

[January 28 2004] whoohooo LostMart has a whole new look! Now you can browse the store within our site- check it out! (and a large hefty THANKS to Lobo for helping me to set it all up... *thankythanky*!) Also, there is a new, much-easier order form now for ordering Lost Destinations prints... (again, thanks Lobo!)... you can find it here.... and last but not least, the complete index of Lost Destinations locations has been revamped- there are now three ways to browse the index- you can still browse it alphabetically (the original system) but now you can also look up locations by region, or by category as well (and of course don't forget- there is always the search engine for searches by keyword). Happy hunting!

[January 19 2004]  crumbling & creepy Monroc Facility added (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll), a helter-skelter old building bristling with numerous rickety ladders-to-nowhere...

[January 13 2004] today we wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Webmistress of Darkness (and bona fide Scoobette), Shady!!! We already gave her all her spankings and some to grow on- feel free to send your birthday wishes to the birthday girl at shady@lostdestinations.com

[Added 01/02/04] the mysterious 'Airplane Graveyard' added (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll), where the eerie husks of countless abandoned planes (and helicopters, and motor homes, and other various machinery) shine mutely abandoned  in the TX sunlight... Full Moon Calendar updated for 2004... and a journal entry by Shady about her recent illness *sniffle*... Happy New Year, everybody!

[Added 01/01/04]  Hey fiends... Markus here... just wanted to say Happy New Year, everybody, on behalf of the Shadester and myself- she would have posted herself except (for those of you who haven't heard) she's been seriously ill with a viral infection the past few weeks. She's been really really sick and hasn't even been able to do much of anything, period, much less go online and stuff, and although she is getting better, she's still resting/recovering. She did manage to get on her computer long enough to post a journal entry about her recent illness... *sniffle-cough*, and she is itching to get to work posting some new pics on the site despite feeling mightily crappy... so, you'll probably be seeing some new very stuff soon. In the meantime, feel free to tell the crazy girl to 'get better SOON!"...

[Added 12/11/03] Two NEW tongue-in-cheek LD designs- 'Ghosthunter' and 'Urban Explorer'- debut on a plethora of cool items such as T's, baby doll T's, tank tops, jerseys, baseball caps, mouse pads, mugs, tote bags, boxer shorts, tile coasters, road trip mugs, frisbees, wall clocks, license plate frames, & more... And check out the killer Lost Destinations 2004 Calendar... each month shows a full-color photo of a the season in a different creepy-weird location (including Lambertville High, SI Monastery, Split Rock Road, Satanic Church, Kinnelon Castle, Pleasureland, & more...) so you can get 'lost' year-round!

Oh yeah and a weird sandstorm sunset pic added to the Lost & Found section.

[Added 12/5/03] Staten Island's watery 'ship graveyard'- the Dead Pool- added (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll), and, lotsa weird new pics added to the newly remodeled Lost & Found section. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LOST DESTINATIONS... this week we celebrate 2 years of getting Lost online. Weeee!

[Added 10/31/03] in the shadows of the thick, dark woods in Matawan stands 'Green Acres'- an empty home littered with discarded child's toys and relics of a former life (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll) And, Happy Halloween- here are some spooky ghost stories from my hometown- enjoy!

[Added 10/17/03] Just in time for Halloween, I've published my new, original emoticon sets- Insanicons... twisted & demented smileys for insane people (including Leatherface, Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, Alien, Predator, and more!!) Check 'em out!

[Added 10/12/03] The dilapidated old New York Yacht Club (McFarlane-Bredt House) holds vigil overlooking the New York harbor (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll)

[Added 10/10/03] October Full Moon pic added

[Added 09/18/03] Paulinskill Viaduct- immense, abandoned railroad bridge with a spooky reputation (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll)

[Added 08/31/03] Demon's Alley- legendary deserted neighborhood populated by bizarrely vacant houses & haunted by a wicked urban legend (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll)

[Added 08/12/03] Shady & Liz explore the Tower Of Terror- a looming, deserted old haunted house attraction in Idaho (chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll), & a new Full Moon pic added

[Added 07/30/03] yay- our two newest Scooby profiles have been added. Welcome, Reptillikus & Robin!

[Added 07/26/03] Just added a new fabulous section to the site- a Lost Art Gallery! Also, below, check out the quick run-down on some of the recent additions to the website (since there have been quite a few lately & we want everyone to be able to check 'em all out) Below, explore the newest features added to the site (lotsa cool new stuff- have fun!)

Viewer's Choice Poll::you guys pick the next LD update!

Lost Art Gallery::Lost-themed artwork submitted by friends, visitors, & fellow explorers

Full Moon Gallery::complete photographic gallery of past Full Moon pics

Interactive Lost Gallery::post & share your own "lost" pics in this interactive gallery

Lost Ecards::fantastic free internet greeting cards featuring places lost and forgotten

Free-For-All Links Page::surf this interactive links page, and/or add your own link/s

Mailing List::sign up for the new Lost newsletter, and get lost in the (e)mail

New Guestbook::a brand new guestbook with loads of new features

Guestmap::just like a Guestbook, except that you get to "pin" your message to a location on a world map! It's really cool- have a look:


A special heartfelt thanx from Shady goes out to Licia, Lobo, Reptillikus, Moondaisies, Starsaucer, Dame Elysia, and all those who have (or will!) participate in the Lost Art project... you guys rock!!

An update and a little more information about the background of Hell House added


[Added 07/17/03]  Interstate Burial Ground- an ancient old Quaker Burial Ground hidden right in the middle of the east-and-west-bound lanes of the heavily-trafficked Interstate 195 in New Jersey- added, & comments added to the Hell House page. Plus all-new features Full Moon Gallery, the Guestmap, and live poll added.

[Added 06/14/03]  Our road trip to Dripping Springs added- we brave mountain lions and  rattlesnakes, and take a rugged hike through one of the most mysterious canyons around, to bring you pics of the infamous ruins of Van Patten Mountain Camp, Boyd's Sanatorium, and La Cueva

...and stay tuned, there's LOTS more creepy, abandoned, mysterious updates on the way, including...

Igoe Road... Admiral Farragat... the Bone House... New Brighton Village Hall... the Moravian Cemetery... the John K. Vanderbilt House... Molly Pitcher's Spring... Building 265... Matawan Creek... and lots & lots more... too much to list, so stay tuned for all the upcoming lost & abandoned fun!


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