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[NOVEMBER  27  2006]

Viewer submissions added to the following pages: Evergreen Cemetery...... Clinton Road...... SI Monastery...... Desolation Diner...... Whipporwill Valley Road...... Boyd's Sanatorium...... and Jamesway (just scroll to the bottom of each page for the latest submissions)...

[O C T O B E R 27 2006]  In honor of Halloween I've just added a whole new section to LD: the Paranormal Files, including a complete listing of all places haunted on the site, a whole page full of ghost videos, the true story behind the most disturbing photo I have ever shot, as well as pages for ghostly stories and unexplained photographs. Explore if you dare...

[S E P T E M B E R 19 2006] New update- Casper shares with us a very chilling experience at the 'House Of Handprints', a spooky abandoned & remote house she bravely explored in Iowa. Brrrr! And, I'd like to invite all of my fellow Flickr users to connect to me on my Flickr page... let's connect & get in touch- add me as a contact, I have lots of spooky (and otherwise) pics to share with ya!! So c,mon!!!

[A U G U S T 17 2006] Yes, it has been quiiiite awhile, folks- read here for the more detailed explanation. Meanwhile there is an update- Evergreen Memorial Park- a fascinating old cemetery that Lobo & I wandered in Riverside, CA; where among it's stones we found many intriguing & mysterious symbols and intricate engravings. Check it out, cemetery-lovers...

[A P R I L 11 2006] Once again, our (hot, redheaded) Iowan Scooby- Casper- brings us another tale of IA exploration... this time she veered down a mysterious river-side path to discover a whole host of forgotten structures in a place she calls 'Broken Alley'. And, check out the update to Casper's Black Angel page, with new information about this legendary dark monument...

Also, I wanna send out a great, BIG congrats to Cas- who is going to have some of her awesome work published in a book- yay! You go, girl!

Ahh, and, speaking of Riverside... yes I am still out in California... I think these damned ruby slippers are defective...*clicks slippers furiously... waits... nothing happens*

I still dunno when I will be returning home yet, though I am hoping it will be pretty soon. In the meantime, you can (as always) catch up with what I am doing by checking out either of my blogs- I have one on Yahoo 360, and one on Livejournal. Feel free to read either. Now... let me get back to working on these damned slippers...

*mutters 'there's no place like home, there's no place like home'...*

Get your exclusive Lost Destinations gear HERE: Click, click, click...!

[MARCH 18 2006Calling all Californians (and, Arizoni-ans)..! As you can see by the palm trees, I am now in loverly Cal If Forn I Ay. And, as I am gonna be here for awhile longer, I am sending out an appeal for info to all the Californians out there..

I am in Riverside at the moment. Does anybody know of any good places for me to explore while I am in the vicinity (anything strange, scary, odd, abandoned, weird, unusual, odd, 'haunted', intriguing, or just plain odd...?)

....I would like to get out there and get some stuff for the site, but haven't had time (or chance) to do any CA research (been working on the book material) I would verily appreciate any tips/suggestions evah-so-muchly! Also, you Arizona folks- send me some suggestions, too! On the way back to Texas (whenever I do head home) we will be passing through AZ once again... maybe stopping over in Phoenix/Tempe...

I did get to check out some great AZ places on the way here, but they are all for the upcoming book. I'd really love to get some new stuff for Lost Destinations, so any suggestions would be great! (FYI- as my email tends to get jammed with a gazillion emails a day- mostly spammy- you can reach me much more quickly about this by posting a comment on my journal post or my 360 blog entry on this topic...)

Thanks in advance, guys... *smile*

[MARCH 16 2006] Lobo and I take a drive on the wild side! Check out our road snapshots as we seek out Arizona weirdness in cemeteries, small towns, desert backroads, and more (including Phoenix, Tucson, Bisbee, and beyond) for the upcoming Weird Arizona book!

We are still on the road, now in California, so stay tuned for some upcoming CA destinations as well. And don't forget- Thursday night chats in the Diner are back (and tonight is Thursday- come say hi!)

[February 23 2006] Yay- the brand-new Lost Diner forum and chat room is now open! And to celebrate the event, we are having a LIVE Lost Chat tomorrow night, Thurs, 8 PM CST. This chat will also be a Virtual 'Bon Voyage' Partay for Shady & Lobo (before they head out on a roadtrip in search of AZ weirdness) Join us!!! And check out the new Diner NOW. We command it! :P

For more details, check out Shady's journal. If possible, there will be reports from the road (technology willing!) so stay tuned to the Lost Diner and Shady's journal for trip updates.

We've had some issues that have prevented us from being able to be online/update LD as much as we'd like to lately... so we are hoping to add lots of new stuff in the near-future. The Scoobs will be making a side trip to California after leaving AZ, hunting up the spooky, the strange and the 'Lost' there- who knows what they will find (or, WHAT will find them?? *zoinks*) So, stay tuned...

[November 17 2005] NEW- the Lost Destinations RSS Feed! *woot!* Now you can keep track of the very latest additions to this site via our feed- just add it to your Yahoo 360 page, your My Yahoo page, your custom Google homepage, your Livejournal Friends page, as a Firefox Live Bookmark, or anything else you can add an RSS Feed to:

URL of the Feed:

Enjoy! And thanks, once again, to Lobo, techno-geniusssss-extraordinaire... *hugs*

[October 31 2005] HAPPY HALLOWEENY, my friends and fiends!!

I hope that you are all enjoying a spooky-fun (and safe) Halloween.... and in honor of this ooky-spooky holiday- I have some treats, so don't go playin' any tricks on me, you guys...!

*waggles finger at you all*

....first, I have added the mysterious and mystical Mt. Rubidoux (in Riverside, CA)- which boasts a medieval-like tower and bridge at it's summit, amongst other things... and it is haunted by some legends and superstitions that you just won't believe! Check it out here

Also, I've added the latest winner of the LD Viewer's choice Poll (with 60% of the 537 votes)- the 'Wander Inn'- an eerie, abandoned indoor/outdoor complex in Freehold NJ. Check that out here. Enjoy...


Happy Halloween from Lost Destinations

[October 17 2005] Heyheyhey friends & fiends... Lobo & I are back from our epic California trip (...wanna see a pic?) and are back in El Paso... didja miss us?? *wink*

This trip was for personal business, not work/exploring... but, we still managed to squeeze in an exploration anyway...*smile*... I will be posting pics of that soon, so stay tuned..

Also, I wanted to direct your attention to our new & improved 'Scooby Villains' Name Generator Thingy!! Here is my result, which I think you will all agree is very, very fitting haha ha...

Ah, so so Shady... right??! Now check it out and find out what classic SD villain you are. And don't forget- you can now copy/paste the results to show off your monster-iffic new identity on your own journal/blog/webpage/whatever. Oh, and feel free to mutter: "And I woulda gotten away with too, it if it weren't for those meddling kids....." ;)

(BTW the Scooby Villain thingy will be up there in the site menu from now on, under 'Interact'... enjoy!)

One last thing- my Heather Shade site is up and fully functional now- so head over there and take a look through the photo galleries if you are so inclined. Thanks!

[September 14 2005] I've added the photos from the most recent Weird Texas book signing, check them out here

Also, I wanted to share a sneak peek at my new website- HeatherShade.com - it's not 100% complete (photo galleries will be opened soon), but you guys can preview the site now if you wanna... *wink*

[August 31 2005] I just added a page to keep up with the Weird Texas news and events... check it out!

[August 11 2005] I have just added a page listing my upcoming appearances (book signings, radio shows, etc)... for those of you keeping track... *smile*

[August 10 2005] YAY- the Weird Texas book is finally out, and holy smokes was it worth the wait!! The Marks have done it again- it's AMAZING. I am super-proud to have been a part of the project... *big grin*

I wanted to mention that I will be doing book signings here in El Paso, on August 20th, 3:00 PM at the Barnes & Noble on Viscount, and September 3rd, 3:00 PM at the Sunland Park location... so you local people come out and say 'hi'!

...also for the El Paso area folks, this coming Monday (the 15th) at around 8:30 a.m. I will be on the KLAQ (95.5 FM) Morning Show. In addition, I will be on KWTX-FM Waco TX with Darren Taylor and Chrissy, on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 8:40 AM-8:55 EST, for those of you in the Waco area. I may be doing some more radio interviews, I will let you all know more about the details of those as they come up.

In honor of the book coming out, I have posted an update featuring one of the weirder places we found while out exploring for the book- the creepy 'Chinese Graveyard'... an odd cemetery in San Antonio with an interesting urban legend. Enjoy!

[July 04 2005] I know I haven't been 'around' in awhile, I've posted a little note here for the curious... *wink*

Also, as chosen in the Viewer's Choice Poll, Building 265 has just been added; and the newest moon pics have been added to the Full Moon Calendar and Gallery. Enjoy!

[April 11 2005] Heyhey amigos... been very busy wrapping things up for the Weird Texas book deadline while recovering from the Houston trip... whew. I will have a new 'weird' update for the site soon... in the meantime, you can check out our Houston roadtrip shots here (sorry no drunken-Shady-dancing-on-the-bar pics like the last trip, haha)...

...oh, and this month's Full Moon pic is up, and it was shot in Houston during the trip; check it out ;)

[March 22 2005] We leave for Houston this morning, for the last roadtrip slash exploration for the Weird Texas book. We are supposed to have internet in our hotel room, so we might get online and maybe even let you spy on us in the room via our webcam, wooo! 

So in the meantime... keep an eye out for us online, check my journal for possible updates from the road, and we will seeya next weekend.... ta ta friends!

[March  15  2005] Hiya friends... haven't been able post anything as I've been working a lot... but, I did want tell you about my personal website- Virtual Lair (which I just fiiiiiinally updated) because I know that a few of you have seen this site, but not many...

Since I hadn't updated it in a long time, I haven't told anyone about it in forever. Heh. But, now I'd really like for you guys to check it out when you have some time...

The site is my own 'personal homepage'- but with a twist... it's HAUNTED. Yep, haunted! So, as you browse around through the different 'rooms' (my boudoir, my parlor, my attic, etc...) in my site, not only will you find my personal photo albums, bio, and other stuff... you will also find secret passages and all kinds of scary ghosts and ghouls (just try clicking on random things, paintings and lanterns, etc, to see what I mean) So it's a kinda fun site to poke around in... *grin*

I actually wrote an entire background story about the 'house' and it's history, it's horrors, it's inhabitants, and it's ghosts. Part of the fun of wandering around in the site is discovering this stuff and piecing the story together, but if you're the impatient type, heh, you can find the links to all the parts of the story (and a 'blueprint' of the house) right here...

Shady & Sock Monkey say, 'Come visit us at the Lair, baybeee!!"

...this is the toon I made for my bio page. I just updated all of my photo albums (and added a few news ones... any of my friends who wanna have their pic included in the 'My Posse' album, send me your pic!)... pics of me as a baby/kid/teenager... pics of family & friends... pics from my webcam... silly pics, sweet pics, goofy pics, wild pics... wait this is starting to sound like a Dr. Suess poem! Oh and speaking of poems, I added a few (very few) of my own poems to the site, too... so check them out, if that's your thing. And no they're not Suess-like, sorry.

Anyway just check out the 'recent news' link on the Lair's home page if you are interested in seeing what else is new there, and I'd LOVE to hear what you guys think of it (say 'h'i in the guestbook or somethin')!! Happy (ghost)hunting... mwa haha ha...

[February 27 2005] Heyhey everybody... as promised in the last update, we have an awesome Casper-double-header to share with you all, woo (hey- that sounds kinda dirty, huhhuh huhhuh)

But seriously, she has been exploring some really cool places in Iowa, and I am so thrilled to have the addition of her amazing photos and stories to add to our lost collection...

First we have the House Of Sand And Fog... a really forlorn, isolated old farmhouse in the icy middle of nowhere, which Casper and her hubby were brave enough to explore and document for us... including the strange and spooky foggy-thing she photographed down in the basement- brrr!

Also, we have her pics/story/personal memories about the abandoned 'Party Bus' and it's now-deserted surroundings... very fascinating stuff. I know I've said this before, but I must say again- I am really, really glad to have Casper aboard with us.... not only has she become one of my closest personal friends, she's also becoming a more fabulous photographer with every single shot she takes, which hardly seems possible as she was great to begin with. I'm just so glad to have her contributions to this site, and thank her muchly for them :)

Oh oh, yeah and before I forget- I've also updated the Full Moon Calendar & Moon Gallery with February's Full Hunger Moon, for your moon-gazing enjoyment... *smile* ....enjoy!

[February 11 2005] Heyhey, guys and gals... hope you all have been having a great new year so far- ours has been kinda hectic, which is why you haven't seen much of us around here, d'oh! But I did manage to find some time to add a coupla new things today (and I will be adding some great new stuff from our girl Casper soon as well), so check it out...

I've just added the Bone House- a very creepy abandoned old house that I explored in New Jersey; complete with it's gingerbread trim and a backyard bone-pile, this place reminded me of the abode of some freaky fairytale witch!

Oh yeah, and I have finally (sheesh yeah yeah I know!) updated the Full Moon Calendar, so all dates are current for 2005 (for all your Full Moon planning needs, heh) And, since I had also fallen behind in posting the monthly Full Moon pics, I have added October, November, and December's shots to the Full Moon Photo Gallery.

I have been hard at work catching up and getting a whole bunch of new places ready to add for your virtual-exploration pleasure... *wink* ...and will be adding them soon. So stay tuned...

[January 13 2005] Lost Destinations and the Scoobies would like to wish a very Happy Birthday today to our own Webmistress of Darkness- Shady! Don't worry- we will make sure she gets every one of her 32 spankings, AND some to grow on, mwaa ha haa....

...and you guys can add YOUR signatures and b-day wishes to Shady's online virtual birthday card now- click here to sign the card (and check out the B-Day Girl circa 1979 below, that's her in the silly hat, scarfing cake... hee hee hee)....

the B-Day Girl, circa 1979


[December 07 2004] It's been awhile since my last update... travel, computer, and health issues abounded in the past month. Sorry about that everyone. But I am back, and I have some great new stuff to share!

First of all, I have added a page about the legendary Stone Living Room (as chosen by you guys in the Viewer's Choice Poll)... Because it was part of a daylong road trip from back when we lived in Jersey, I decided to also throw in a page about another stop- the enigmatic Route 23 Mystery Poles- which then completes all the stops along our West Milford day trip (which also included Clinton's Road and Demon's Alley), *woot*! So take the complete tour and revel in the West Milford weirdness, my friends.

The results of the last Viewer's Choice Poll were as follows: Stone Living Room- 287 votes, Admiral Farragat- 171 votes, Moravian Cemetery- 110 votes, The Catwalk- 102 votes, Madison Mill- 89 votes. And don't forget to cast your vote in the new Poll!

[October 28 2004] In honor of the season, I've gathered all the ghostliest locations of Lost Destinations onto one page for you to browse, to help get you in the Halloween mood... you can find them here. So turn down the lights, head over to that page, and scare yourself silly!

Also, we have the eerily abandoned Edwards Fire Station in California... which sits dusty and seemingly forgotten in time in the lonely desert landscape...

And, we have just returned from a road trip to the San Antonio/Austin/Waco area, to explore/photograph some places on behalf of WNJ for their upcoming Weird Texas book... so things are still pretty hectic here, haven't quite gotten settled back down yet. Eeek. I can't divulge anything about the places we explored because they are top-secret for the book, but lemme tell you, they were amazing!!! But you'll have to wait for the book to check them out. In the meantime, you can check out these 'vacation snapshots' we took while on the road, and also these pics of San Antonio (including the Alamo and the Riverwalk) that I got all touristy and shot while out there.

Oh yeah and I want to remind you guys- DON'T miss the Weird US World Premiere tv pilot on the History Channel, Halloween night, 10:30 pm (more info here)

Anyway... that's it for now, I still have some catching up to do from our trip. Hope you all have a great and spooooky Halloween, and don't do anything we wouldn't do... (wait, that doesn't leave out much does it?? Doh!)

[October 7 2004] It's paaarty time my fellow fiends & friends, and you are all invited to join the festivities! 

Yep, we will be hosting an official-unofficial book release party to celebrate the super-exciting release of the awesome Weird U.S. book (and, incidentally, my very-first-first time ever as a nationally published author/photographer in a real live book... ahem) tomorrow night (Friday the 8th)...

It's happening right here at Misery Mansion. Wanna join us? All are welcome!

Just head over to the Lost Destinations Yahoo Group during party-time and enter the chat room, where we will have our webcam on live under the Yahoo ID of lostdestinations (or you just view the cam via Yahoo Messenger on the lostdestinations Yahoo ID, or on this page here).....

Keep on rockin' in the WEIRD World!!!

......we'll be on-cam partying and checking in and out of the chat all night long. The shenanigans are starting somewhere in the seven-ish hour EST (that's five-ish to you local El Paso folks) Seeya then, party-animals!

I also wanna extend a huge, extremely-grateful thanks to the Marks of Weird NJ... not only for offering me the incredible opportunity to participate in the book projects.... but also for all the years of wonderful weirdness and inspiration they have given (and continue to give!) to those of us who are intrigued by the lost, the abandoned, the forgotten, the weird..... Viva La Weird NJ!! Rock on, guys. *smile*


[September 29 2004] First of all- I've been kinda under the weather lately, so I haven't been online as much as usual lately...... did'ja guys miss me?? *wink* I have recently been feeling a bit better tho. And we have yet another amazing find by our girl Casper... the House Of '77, a spooky old Iowa farmhouse which despite being deserted for decades still holds the contents of an entirely different generation... you must check it out! A big thanks to both JJ & Casper for sharing the fruits of their explorations with us... *you guys rock!*

Oh yeah, and I also added September's Full Moon shot, which I took from our front porch after a lovely thunderstorm. Enjoy.

Btw if you think things look a bit different, you're right- I also moved some stuff around here on the homepage. It's all basically still the same stuff, just in a slightly different layout.  Weeee. And also, I wanna to point out the new submission form which Lobo made, for anyone who wants to contribute pics/stories for inclusion on Lost Destinations, 'cause it seems like people were having a kinda hard time figuring out how and where to send their submissions (for future reference the form can be found on the submissions page)

Hmm, what else? I am still planning my upcoming Austin/San Antonio roadtrip (in search of more Texas weirdness for Weird NJ)... and I can't wait to hit the road. We will be going sometime around October 18th or so, for about a week. We have many intriguing and unusual places to seek out and explore.... *does a happy little jig* .... I really cannot wait. Hurry up October 18th!!! Heh heh.

Of course I will keep you guys updated here (and in my journal) about the details of our upcoming trip and other such stuff! In the meantime, check out some other recent stuff...


[September 1 2004] I have added two pages of pics of the incredible Gila Cliff Dwellings- the vast, primitive remains of an ancient society hidden away in a series of huge caves in the New Mexico wilderness- including a virtual 360-degree view from inside the cave that Lobo created using my photos from our visit... (thanks, Lobo)! Head over and check it out!

Also, we have another very cool contribution from the lovely & talented miz Casper, who sent us some great pics she shot of the MaryJane House- a spooky old deserted Iowa farmhouse with some rather interesting plant life out back, which she discovered in her explorations and was kind enough to share with us (thanks, girl!)...

And I've also added a shot of August's Full Sturgeon Moon to the Full Moon page... we were driving home the other night and I noticed the full moon hanging over the spooky old funeral home that's near our place... and I couldn't resist stopping to get a photo.

Also, I am planning another upcoming roadtrip, this time I'll most likely be headed to San Antonio and Austin in search of more Texas weirdness for Weird NJ... and I can't wait to hit the road! I had such a blast in Dallas, searching out it's dark and mysterious nooks/crannies.... and we only had two days on that trip- this next one, we are most likely gonna take about a week, so there will be ample time for exploring and exploring and exploring....

[August 12 2004] Oi. It's been a very busy summer, but finally I've had some time to add some new stuff to the site... First off is New Jersey's spooky and mysterious Witches Hollow Road (as chosen by vote in the last Viewer's Choice Poll- don't forget to vote in the new poll!)- a strangely-named byway that has been abandoned and blocked off for reasons unknown; it has a nearly-hidden cemetery nearby and is the roosting ground of a multitude of vultures. No wonder it has such a spooky reputation!

I've also added a shot of July's Blue Moon to the Full Moon Gallery (when there are two full moons in one month, the second one is a 'blue moon'; it only happens every few years, so it's cool to finally have a photo of one, yay) AND- if you're anything like us, and you love the old classic Scooby cartoons, then be sure to check out our brand-new toy- the 'What Scooby Doo Villain Are You?' quiz that Lobo & I concocted!! It's fu-uuun... *wink*

Oh and in other exciting news, we were recently surprised to learn that Lost Destinations was the featured website of Yahoo! Pick Of The Day on July 2nd, wow! I wanna thank everyone for helping to make LD grow the way it has, you guys rock!

Lost Destinations- Yahoo! Pick Of The Week, July 2nd 2004

Anyway, other than all that I've just been working hard on the WNJ project and other stuff, hopefully very soon I'm going to have some time to explore some local (NM, etc) stuff I've had my eye on, mwa ha. Stay tuned!

...news, continued...



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