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The only paradise is paradise lost --Marcel Proust


No Place Like Home: creepy, lonely, lost... abandoned houses and other uninhabited dwellings

Out Of Business: empty and deserted restaurants, motels, stores, and other forgotten places...

Out Of State, Out Of Mind: road-trippin' in New Jersey, Texas, New York, Idaho, and beyond

The Lost Southwest: some of the lost corners of my Southwest stomping grounds, El Paso and beyond

Final Destinations: hushed and silent graveyards, their memorials to the dead speak volumes

Roads To Nowhere: some roads lead to very dark and interesting destinations, others lead to the unknown

Lost & Found: weird and wonderful roadside finds from all over

Moonlit Paths: the strange, the unexplained, the spooky, and the chilling



Abandon Your Desktop: spooky desktop wallpapers & Yahoo Messenger themes

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