Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me- the carriage held but just ourselves, and immortality --Emily Dickinson


Crooked gravestones, shadowy tombs, spooky atmosphere... the lure of a cemetery- be it of ship, airplane, or dearly departed- is irresistible to the explorer...

Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery
Evergreen Memorial Park:
a fascinating, sprawling old cemetery in Riverside, California, filled with markers engraved with Masonic designs and other intricately carved symbology

Chinese Graveyard
Chinese Graveyard:
a really strange old cemetery we explored for Weird U.S. while we were out wandering around digging up TX weirdness for the Weird Texas book

The Black Angel
The Black Angel:
an urban-legendary dark monument in an IA cemetery that is said to bring death, sickness and other misfortune to anyone foolish enough to touch it

Airplane Graveyard:
the mysterious 'airplane graveyard', where the eerie husks of countless abandoned planes (and helicopters, and motor homes, and other various machinery) shine mutely abandoned  in the TX sunlight

The Dead Pool
The Dead Pool:
a bizarre discovery near an old cemetery at the banks of N.Y.'s 'Dead Pool'- a creepy, watery 'ship's graveyard' where old boats and ships are left to slowly sink into oblivion

Interstate Burial Ground
Interstate Burial Ground:
millions of people each year pass right over a hidden NJ treasure as they drive a major freeway, without ever knowing it is there

San Elizario Cemetery
San Elizario Cemetery:
a dusty Old West TX cemetery complete with sinking plots, shallow graves, and a feathered guardian

Tomb of 12 Nuns:
hidden in a shady NJ forest, this old, legendary tomb is the resting place of many spooky stories

Old Tennent Church
Old Tennent Church & Cemetery:
this historic NJ location played a role in the American Revolution

Old Holmdel Yard:
sunset in a tiny cemetery nestled in the curve of a lonely, wooded NJ road

Harmony Church:
buzzards perched on trees and tombstones guard this old NJ church graveyard

The Poetry Graveyard:
flowing verse covers the tombstones in this historic Freehold NJ Cemetery


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