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I get by with a little help from my friends --John Lennon


Hiya... Shady here, humble Lost Destinations webmistress, at your service! So, you wanna know more about the crazy folks behind this here crazy site, huh?

Wellll, the main foundation of this site consists of myself and my eveeel sidekick Lobo, and our fearless Scoobies... I like to think of it as our own little Fellowship of the Lost *wink* I am originally from (and currently located in) El Paso Texas, and have been both exploring and taking photos for over a decade now. Yes, I'm obsessed. I started out online by posting and sharing some of the many pics of the weird and incredible places I was collecting during my explorations with family and friends; the venture eventually grew into it's very own dot com (you're on it now) that has kept expanding and expanding as my explorations and photos have racked up. I design the site and it's pages, shoot most of the photos, create the graphics, and write the text (except where otherwise noted), and research the things and places Lost- I guess you could say I am kinda the 'Director' of this little project. And although I am webmistress of the site, I am not the leader so to speak... maybe more like the driver of the online vehicle; I could not do it without the enormous amount of help and encouragement I get from Lobo- I have known him since we went to high school together here in Texas wayyy (and no I'm not sayin' how wayyy) back when; he is my main online collaborator and co-conspirator on all things site-related- pretty much my 'Editor.' He is supernaturally adept at creating pretty much any kind of script-thingy I throw at him and making it run like a charm, he rocks. A damned genius with all kinds of ass-kicking codes and php and css and html and other various acronymy web things, he is responsible for building all the cool things you will find throughout this site.

Lost Destinations has been online for a couple of years now, and it's been a wild and wondrous ride. We've seen a lot of incredible sights, met tons of great people, and we look forward to seeing what other amazing stuff we find along the way our future explorations and sharing it with you guys out there (while we don't run this site for profit but for love, we do incur a lot of costs in keeping it running, and we always appreciate any contributions toward keeping Lost Destinations alive; if you'd like to help out, keep in mind we have a wide variety of really cool Lost goodies for sale in our store, and you can also always purchase prints of any of my photos from this site as well... thanks!)

We'll keep on getting lost... wherever we are... and you're invited to take the journey with us. Explore the site, there's lots to discover. If you have a story you'd like to share, get in touch. Remember- it's all about getting lost.

So.... get lost! *wink*

-Webmistress of Darkness, Bona-Fide Scoobette


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Still wanna know more about me? Geez, you're relentless... LOL. Ok, you can visit me at my little personal space on the internet, Shade's Virtual Lair


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