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name: Lobo


homepage: I'll let you know when I know

gratuitous Scooby plug: "Templar" Stuff

Scooby skills: I make things... I break things... I fix things...

fave Lost trip: Sleeping in a snowcave in Alaska

most memorable Scooby moment: Getting chased by wild boars in the swamps of Louisianna..who knew there were wild pigs in Louisianna?

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: Scooby Snacks

dream car: I have feet... I like them...

favorite villain/s: Cenobites

hobbies & distractions: Guitar, sculpting, painting, metalworking, 3d animation, webdesign, etc., etc.

hang-ups & phobias: Human relations and Roaches... I hate Roaches

personal theme song for getting Lost: The Cure - "A Forest" (I'm lost in a forest... all alone...)

I've lost: My mind, now my head's a tent. I spend my time wondering where it went.




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