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I am so privileged to be able to share my passions in life with so many great people- and now, I'd like to thank them all for their awesome-ness...

First & foremost- a great big extra-grateful thanks to Lobo... without whom almost anything really technosophisticated on this site would not exist, and without whom I might lose my sanity cause he's not only a computer-tech-genius-extraordinaire, he's also my bestest friend AND my boyfriend- the absolute Love of my life-  and, one of my favorite humans on Earth... I love you beyond all words, my Love. And of course, I also want to send a big, lovin' THANKS to my very-best girlyfriend and official babydoll, Casper... for all her amazing contributions of her art to my site, and her friendship to my heart... I love you babydoll. I also want to thank my fantastic family, for showing me the thrill of the road at such a young age- they took us on so many great trips & exposed us to so many different parts of our wonderful country- and to my Bro & Sis, special thanks for the all times they hit the road with me, from the beaches of La Jolla to the swamps of Baton Rouge, we always had a blast. I love you guys! To my crazy aunt- aka She-Devil- and my Uncle Rick, for believing in me and helping me to to make it possible for me to try and achieve my dreams... thanks you guys, it means the world to me!! Special thanks also goes out to my dear pal Liz, for being so damned cool, and for getting "lost" with me, (and for taking such amazing pics of me, like this wicked-cool   pic)- mmwaaa, THANKS hon! Thanks and hugs to Jen... for over a decade of good conversation and great friendship, she rocks... and she's my best girl, now and always!! And to all my dear, good & true friends out there around the world, who spend hours listening to me babble on about abandoned houses and spooky roads with genuine interest (or at least fake it really well LOL) & encourage me with my photography, art, and web design work... thanks... you guys are wonderful! I really thrive on their feedback because I value their opinions, they help me to strive to do all the things I do to the absolute best of my abilities. I'd also like to extend an especially-special thanks to my Scoobies (they're ready and they're willin', you know they'll catch that villain, and they are always (almost) fearless and ready to explore the darkest and spookiest of places with me)- you guys are suuuupa-STAAAAS, and I love you all for making my life such an crazy-wicked-fun adventure... THANKS, guys!! Thanks to all of the Diner gang... for making the Lost Diner the coolest, most fun forum around- you guys RUUUUUUUUUUUUUULE!!!! And, a very special thank you to all the visitors who pass through this site, leaving their comments, ideas, suggestions and stories... you are what gives vitality & life to this website! Without the visitors, this site would be a lost & lonely place (but NOT in a good way!) Lastly but not least-ly, I wanna give thanks to & for: the Shady Lady/James the Jimmy, Buffy TVS, Scooby Doo, Girl Scouts, whoever invented the Internet, roadside diners & WaWa stores everywhere, Italian horror flicks, road maps, Led Zeppelin, chocolate, caffeine, Poppy Z. Brite, ghost stories, all those hardworking individuals who built our American roads, the original Munsters TV show, The Piedmont House, Weeeeeeee, and all that assorted crap that doesn't kill me but makes me stronger. Much LUV to you all.

+Deepest thanks & appreciation from the bottom of our hearts to all of America's heroes+


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