L O S T   I N   I D A H O

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative --H. G. Wells


explored by: Shady & Liz, March, 2002 (photos by Shady)

These shots are from a visit with my best friend Liz in Idaho; I had never been out that way before, so it was very cool to see the sights. The terrain was unlike any I had ever explored before, so it was really fascinating to ride around checking stuff out. Here is a preview of what we found on our journeys... I will be posting lots more of these pics one of these days.

Above: Madison Mill... an empty, cavernous old mill in Madison, Idaho. This place was huge, and filled with interesting stuff. There are these great big silos out back, and a maze of rooms leads throughout the entire complex... including underground levels that we couldn't even get into! A very interesting place...

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Above: The Tower of Terror... a desolate, spooky tower that looms out of an icy field beside the railroad tracks... this place was a haunted house attraction at one time, complete with skeletons, gruesome masks, mock graveyard, and lots more creepy stuff! The only way inside is to slide down a slide into the pitch black depths of the underground level of the Tower, which rises at least five stories above... more here

Above: Monroc Facility... crumbling, empty, forgotten... with stairways leading to nowhere and walls ridden with bullet holes, a very forbidding place for sure. There are so many different rooms and levels to this place, you could probably spend all day roaming around and still not see all there is to see... more here

Special thanks to my girl Liz, for taking the time to get lost with me- thanks, hon, it was a blast!


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