H O P E   C H A P E L   H O U S E

Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness --Alfred Bernhard Nobel

*this location has since been demolished

Hope Chapel House, Jackson, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady

Driving home one late afternoon, headed right into a big black storm, I decided to pull over at this rambling, empty old house I had seen many times on a road near where I was living then. I thought the gloomy storm clouds looming over the house made it look spectacularly spooky, and I was sure I had enough time before the storm to get some nice shots of it...

The place is really, really large, and becoming more decrepit by the day. Scraggly, bare trees ring the entire place, growing ever-closer to the house. The windows that aren't boarded up reflect the foliage and the slate-grey clouds blankly. A tall, sooty brick chimney pokes up into the sky. There is even a tiny, empty little "house" out back

The place lies silent, seemingly forgotten. The front entryway is shrouded in shadow, and must have been quite lovely at one time. The whole house has intricate detailing and woodwork creeping all along it's edges and curves... their beauty and grace still apparent, even in their aged state

As I was shooting these last few pics, a huge, dark shadow drifted over everything. A few tiny, gentle raindrops followed. I decided to hurry back over to the dry interior of the Shady Lady right away. No sooner had I jumped inside, and closed the door behind me, than a torrential flood of rain came crashing down all around me! It was so hard and heavy, I couldn't even see a thing around me for about 10 minutes. Finally, it started to slow, and I left the shadow of the great, empty house and headed toward the warm safety of home...


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