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There are mysteries which men can only guess at, which age by age they may solve only in part... (Bram Stoker)

Below, I've compiled a list of some of the most spooky, ghostly & haunted places on Lost Destinations. Dozens of locations with hundreds of photos accompanied by the real stories of their exploration await you within these pages. Explore them if you dare.


The Black Angel
 A dark cemetery monument that is rumored to bring death to those foolish enough to pass under her wing (Iowa City, Iowa)

Boyd's Sanatorium
 They say this place is haunted with the unfortunate souls who met their untimely deaths in the Sanatorium (Dripping Springs, New Mexico)

Chinese Graveyard:
A really strange old 'haunted' cemetery we explored for Weird U.S. while we were out wandering around digging up TX weirdness for the Weird Texas book

Clinton Road
 One of the spookiest roads in NJ, this one has a reputation for the many eerie things that are said to lurk there (West Milford, New Jersey)

Demon's Alley
A mysteriously abandoned neighborhood with a legend of murderous Satanic sacrifice (West Milford, New Jersey)

Dempsey House
A haunted old deserted house complete with ghost and the suicide 'noose' hanging from a tree (Leonardo, New Jersey)

Devil's Den
This area is said to be haunted by the many, many spirits who died a violent death here (Gettysburg Battleground, Pennsylvania)

Devil's House aka Sapphire Woods
The infamous photo of the 'Devil in the window' was shot at this extremely spooky place (Jackson, New Jersey)

 Dover Mental Cage aka Cage of Hurd Park
 People have reported hearing strange noises and feeling an unseen presence around this strange cage in the woods (Dover, New Jersey)

House Of Handprints:
handprints on the wall and a chilling encounter in this remote abandoned house (What Cheer, Iowa)

House Of Sand And Fog:
something strange showed up in the basement of this isolated and forlorn vacant old farmhouse (Freemont, Iowa)

  The Hermitage
 The spirit of one of our former Presidents is reputed to roam the halls of this old historic home (Nashville, Tennessee)

 Jackson House
This creepy abandoned place had it all- secret passageways, a spooky old piano, a ghostly presence (Jackson, New Jersey)

 Kinnelon Castle aka Untermeyer Mansion
 This crumbling old place hidden in the woods was rumored to be home to strange lights and noises in the night (Kinnelon, New Jersey)

La Cueva
The site of one of NM's most infamous unsolved murders is said to be haunted by the victim's ghost (Dripping Springs, New Mexico)

Lambertville High School
One of NJ's spooooookiest abandoned sites, this creepy old high school is said to be home to the spirit of Buckeye, who is waiting to play a game with you (Lambertville, New Jersey) Lambertville High Revisited  

 The Lodge
A very old place with an even older red-headed ghost roaming it's halls (Cloudcroft, New Mexico)

 Ocean Veterinary
  Is this deserted old clinic haunted by the spirits of the animals who lost their lives here? (Lakewood, New Jersey)

  Paulinskill Viaduct aka Hainesburg Viaduct
  Legend says that a worker died and was encased in the foundation of this structure, and that his ghost haunts it still (Knowlton, New Jersey)

  They say this place was closed down after a violent fight... could an angry spirit still linger here? (Oakland, New Jersey)

 Satanic Church
  Sinister rumors have circulated about the dark rites that go on in this creepy old abandoned church (Rockaway, New Jersey)

  Shades of Death Road
The bizarre name of this legendarily spooky road comes from the numerous victims who lost their lives on it (Warren County, New Jersey)

Split Rock Road
 Strange lights, mysterious structures in the woods, reported hauntings and a very scary urban legend make this one helluva road (Hibernia, New Jersey)

  Staten Island Monastery (St. Augustine)
 The ghost of a mad, murderous monk is rumored to haunt the dark halls of this immense abandoned place (Staten Island, New York)

Tomb of 12 Nuns
This creepy old family tomb hidden away in the woods is said to be haunted by an unseen presence (Warren, New Jersey)

  Tower Of Terror
  What could be spookier than an abandoned haunted house attraction?? (Madison, Idaho)

Van Patten Mountain Camp
 These historic old ruins are hidden away in a haunted canyon (Dripping Springs, New Mexico)

  Whipporwill Valley Road
 KKK... Satanists... murderous maniacs... they are all said to roam this extremely scary road after dark, so beware (Middletown, New Jersey)

Winchester Mystery House
 The house that ghosts built! The design of this bizarre place was dictated by seances with the dead (San Jose, California)

  Witches Hollow Road
 A creepily-named road that has been blocked off at both ends and abandoned, and is guarded by vultures from the nearby cemetery (Roosevelt/Millstone, New Jersey)




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