L O S T   D E S T I N A T I O N S:
T H E   P A R A N O R M A L   F I L E S

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes...

A creeptacular collection of spooky stories, photos, videos and features of the very paranormal, ghostly & haunted brought to you by LD... so turn down the lights, lock the doors, and come explore the dark side with us...


The Haunted
Quite a lot of the places we explore on Lost Destinations have a paranormal legend associated with them. Here is the complete collection of the stories & photos of the many haunted locations explored & featured on LD. Come discover them if you dare...


Ghost Videos
A collection of ghosts, spirits, and apparitions caught on video. We've put together this collection from around the Internet and make no guarantees of their validity. Which are real and which are not we leave to the viewer to decide.


The Devil In The Window
The true story behind the most perplexing and disturbing photo that I have ever personally captured. I have tried to record everything that I can possibly remember surrounding the circumstances of the image discussed on this page.


Tales Of The Lost
Read close-up accounts of things both unexplained and unnerving, including ghost stories and brushes with the unexplained. Have a story of your own to share with us? Send it in and I will add it to the collection.


Faces In The Crowd
Strange anomalies, ghost photos, unexplainable forms where there was nothing before the lens. Is it light, shadow, and dust... or the presence of something paranormal? Explore the evidence here and/or contribute your own photos.




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