T H E   H O U S E   O F   H A N D P R I N T S   I

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The House Of Handprints, What Cheer, Iowa

explored by: Casper

Once again our intrepid Scooby Casper has braved the abandoned corners of Iowa to bring us this tale and these photos of a very creepy old place..... here, her chilling exploration in her own words:

"This house is located in the country a few miles from What Cheer, Iowa. It’s only a half a mile from where my sister in law used to live and so we’d pass it a lot going to her house. It has always kind of given me the creeps just looking at it. The way the house was built, the way the grass was so long and it was just sitting there by itself on top of the hill, and how sometimes at night even though everyone knew no one wasn’t living there, the front porch light would flicker on and off. Funny how that happened considering the electricity to the house had been cut.....

So we decided to do a run in one day when we had some extra time, and I went in alone while Michael, my husband, waited out in the car with our son. I had to go in through the window, and with me being the size that I am, it didn’t go over so well, but I made it. What I saw amazed me. The inside was nothing but large rooms filled with everything of the people living there. I had to make it quick so I snapped a few shots so I could look at later and went to find the stairs to the second floor.

When I reached the top I had just enough time to go into one of the 3 rooms up there before I heard a door slam downstairs and footsteps. I called out, “Michael!” and there was no response, except for footsteps coming closer to the back room where the stairs were. I called out again and nothing. Just the footsteps of someone or something, so I stood at the top of the stairs and heard another door slam. The door to the room that had the stairs...

The footsteps got louder, and the door to the stairs started closing. I flew down the stairs as fast as I could (still snapping pictures along the way… I may get scared but damn it, I keep taking pictures!) and opened all the doors that had mysteriously closed, ran through the house, and flung open the now unlocked front door. Once in the front yard I saw Michael STILL sitting in the car waiting patiently, and totally freaked out.

I was the only person in that house, and yet there were doors being closed and I was hearing footsteps? Now that’s freaky!

I swore up and down I was NOT returning to that house, and held to that for another couple of months before Michael talked me into returning with him, and he promised to be there with me the entire time. He wanted to get more pictures. Better views of everything in the house.

So we went, and when we were both inside, nothing else was heard. Just us, and the house....

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