G R E E N   A C R E S

Time is a continual over-dropping of moments, which fall down one upon the other and evaporate --Jean Paul Richter

Green Acres

Green Acres, Matawan, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady

Early one morning after dropping off a friend at the train station in Matawan, I became intrigued by all of the interesting old architecture and shady back roads I saw as I drove back through the town, and I just couldn't resist a detour. One shadowy, sparsely populated lane in particular beckoned me, and I drove down it for a bit before coming to an intersecting road where a glimpse of color spotted through the foliage caught my eye...

Green Acres

Green Acres

Green Acres

Green Acres

Green Acres

I decided to check it out. The place sat a good distance back from the road on a corner lot and nearly hidden by really dark, thick woods. A hand-lettered sign nailed to a tree read 'Green Acres'. As I got closer, I could see a pink shingled house almost overgrown with foliage and studded with gaping, jagged broken windows. A rusty bike lay tipped over in the yard, and, despite it's neglected appearance, this place had the feeling of being... inhabited.

The doors and windows on the ground level were nearly impassable with creeping vines; I'd have to head up the steps to a side porch, and through a screen door, if I was gonna go in. And, I wasn't too sure that I really wanted to. See, this place had such a very spooky, watchful vibe... I couldn't shake the feeling that it was not empty. And ya know, you never know who (or what??!!!) can be lurking inside of any dark desolate abandoned old place. Still, curiosity, and the cat, and all that...... I could not resist.

I entered the gloomy house- anemic sunlight trickled in through ragged window shades, barely providing any light at all. Continuing on, I found a small, cluttered kitchen- it was a mess, stuff was strewn all over the place. A window-like opening in the wall gave a glimpse into the murky living room, which hadn't fared much better. All throughout the place, I could smell the fetid scent of something decaying and... dead.

Down a dim hallway I found a dust-shrouded bathroom, and a pitch-dark room filled with debris. Climbing a set of stairs, I discovered a very tiny, low-ceilinged, attic-like room with a sloping roof decorated with a childlike border of dinosaurs; a window looked down onto a deflated child's pool lying half-buried in the tangled yard below. There was not much else to see in the empty little room so I went back down to the main floor, where I found a narrow stairway which led down to the ground level. I headed down...

I found myself in some sort of rec room, where pieces of a tattered board games and faded bingo cards littered the floor. For some reason this part of the house felt even more oppressive, as if someone was hidden in the shadows, watching. I felt distinctly uncomfortable, and began to want to get out of there. I checked out the doorway that I had seen from outside, but it was firmly enmeshed with vines and foliage and couldn't be opened, so I had to head back upstairs, which felt somehow much spookier now.

This time I didn't linger in the stifling, creepy interior... I headed back outside onto the raised side porch and back into the fresh air. From the higher vantage point, I could see remains of a tattered old basketball hoop in the yard, and bits of some ramshackle buildings out back. I headed down into the back yard and waded through waist-high greenery to get a peek at a decaying swing set nearly obscured by wild plants. There was something both sad and foreboding about all of the child's toys lying discarded around the abandoned home. Through thick leaves and brambles I noticed the structures that had caught my eye from the porch, and headed over to check them out.

In a clearing out back, a series of haphazard outbuildings stood alongside a decrepit old Coachmen camper, but before I could really explore any of it, I heard a noise from inside the camper. Then another. It sounded like something of a pretty large size shifting around in there. The next time I heard the shuffling sound and saw the camper shift slightly with movement, I decided that it was time for me to go. Being all alone (and in a pretty isolated area), I didn't much wanna stick around to figure out what- human or animal- was in there moving around, so, I decided to beat feet. With a few last glances over my shoulder at the place, I headed down the weed-dotted, overgrown driveway and back out to the road where my trusty Shady Lady awaited me for a speedy getaway... and, as I left, I could've sworn I felt the tingle of unseen eyes upon me.

Coincidentally, alongside this place there was also another weird and creepy abandoned building... 'Building 265'... (complete with strange trophies arranged all around the place, and mysterious bloody tissues in the brush outside) but... that's a story for another time... *wink*

Do you have any background information or stories to tell about this abandoned site?


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