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T H E   D E V I L 'S   D E N

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong --Ecclesiastes 9:11

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg Battleground, Pennsylvania

[Devil's Den pix and story submitted by Anthony]


Our visitor Anthony was kind enough to share this most intriguing "ghost" photo, below. He shot it at the infamous and reputedly very haunted Devil's Den battleground in Gettysburg. There seems to be a figure standing in the clearing... could it be the wraith of one of the many, many soldiers who lost their lives here?

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Below, Anthony shares his experiences and more mysterious photos of the Devil's Den with us...

"These photos were taken by myself near Devils Den, in the Gettysburg battleground which is now a park. Over 52,000 soldiers were killed there. I have had many encounters there. I have the ability to feel and sense spirits, this enables me to get some really good pics. All pics were taken with a digital cam...

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Above: some pics of a very frightening experience where I was chased thru the battlegrounds by a not so friendly spirit

Devil's Den was a battle of  North versus South, Yankee against Rebel. The soldiers were ambushed here where their enemy hid amongst the many nooks and crannys of in the boulders.

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Above, l-to-r: look closely and you will see many orbs, again from the battlegrounds...  me in Devils Den (I'm 6`2 and was dwarfed by the massive boulders)... a sort of energy line that I captured going across the battlefield in Gettysburg; it was pitch black... there is no explanation that I can think of on what this beam can be."  --Anthony from Toms River, NJ

The Devil's Den had a  peculiar and eerie reputation long before the battles, due to the odd, towering boulders and the strange moss-covered mazes they created. One interesting legend says that the place was a gathering spot for snakes, and there was one huge serpent in particular that eluded the numerous efforts of the local hunters to capture it for years, always disappearing into the maze of the boulders. They nicknamed the slippery snake "The Devil", hence the area was "The Devil's Den." An enormous number of soldiers died in the ambush and subsequent battle on these grounds, and ghostly sightings are very frequent. This is a place rich in history and mystery. For more info about Devil's Den, check the following links:

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And a very SPECIAL THANKS from us to Anthony for sharing the fascinating pix and story with us!!

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