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The brave venture anything --Euripides

Jackson Firehouse, Jackson, New Jersey

explored & photographed by: Shady

Off of County Line Road, (or Rte 526) in Jackson sits a low, red brick building that used to be a firehouse and now stands empty and quiet at the edge of the old parking lot

I pass by this place all the time, and I've always loved the vivid redness of the brick building. Finally, one day I had the chance to pull over and shoot some photos of the place. The worn sign is barely legible, reading "Volunteer Firefighters Wanted"

A shiny red hydrant sits grimy and alone in the middle of the uneven parking lot. There is a newer, bigger firehouse just up County Line... this may be where they moved to as this facility became too small or outdated for their needs.

All of the windows in the building have been bricked in with cinder blocks. The blood-red brick is stark against the overcast sky. Some graffiti mars the side of the old firehouse, and the trees and grass around the place are starting to grow wildly... creeping ever closer to the building.

The old firehouse is not spooky or wrecked... just a bit sad and old. However, it is heartening to think of all the heroic individuals that must have spent much of their time in this old building through the years...

Do you have any background information or stories to tell about this abandoned site?


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