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"Hello there... I MUST say that I LOVED your site! I had a fantastic time arm chair exploring! Thanks and HAPPY EXPLORING!" --Cat and Ripley

"Wow!! What a Great website! And I love your picture of Rebecca - Thank you so very much for all your work. I too love the Lodge!" --Nanette, Lodge Front Desk

"Hi Shady, I found your website by accident but boy am I glad I did! I was looking for some interesting places to go and started out at the WeirdNJ.com site. I read something about Kinnelon Castle and did a search on it and found your site. The pictures are absolutely awesome. I actually spent a good hour and a half cruising your site when I just had to stop and email ya. Actually I'm going back to the site when I'm done with this email to check the rest out! I bookmarked your site and sent it to my sis who I know will be just as intrigued with it as I am. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you did an awesome job, keep up the great work and most importantly..... have fun on your lost destinations!" --M.L.

"Hey Shady..... I really do love the website. You guys seem like a really fun bunch. The amount of work you've put into the site is very impressive. I run a website for a buddy of mine and I know how much effort is involved. One thing I have to tell you about your site....you're writing is fantastic. In addition to the photos and places of interest that you've visited, the way in which you describe it is superb. You've done a hell of a job!" --Tommy

"Hi Shady... I stumbled onto your website today and I just wanted to say you've done a really really great job! Not only is the site design perfect for the content, but your narratives are extremely cool and descriptive and never boring. And the pix are great too! Anyway, keep up the good work so I can continue to explore vicariously through you and the Scoobs (I keep seeing Xander and Willow and Anya - hope that's not an offense to you! lol) Thanks for letting us share your roadtrips..." --Celine

"Ok. I've just wasted about 2 hours digging through your site. I can't STOP!! I live in St. Louis, and am really VERY interested in finding interesting places to get lost around here. I've nabbed my little brother (not so little - 26) and he and I have been geocaching (hiking with a goal in mind) just as an excuse to get out in the woods with the cameras. Last week I found a page about a ghost town not too far from St. Louis. I'm trying to get him to come with me to check it out. It's a bit of a drive, though and we haven't found time yet. Now that I've found your site, I'm ready to go NOW!! I'm very jealous of your tour of the Winchester Mansion. I've wanted to go there since I was very young. Something drew me to that house the moment I heard about it. Anyway, enough rambling. My point in emailing you was to say 'Great site!'. Looks like you all have a ton of fun doing this. And think of the stories you wouldn't have if you never got hooked on it. Great site...keep taking pics!" --Christy

"Hey Shady... I just got finished browsing your Lost Destinations website, and I felt I should thank you for maintaining such a damn cool website. I also greatly admire your photography; every shot conveyed the desolation, creepiness, and beauty of the places you've visited. I hope you continue to update the Lost Destinations website. It really is a gem floating amidst the shit that makes up the Internet nowadays. Take care, and keep up the fantastic work. P.S. Love your tattoos as I am pretty well covered in ink myself!" --Robert

"I gotta say that your website ROCKS!!!   Absolutely impressive!  Something I've always been interested in doing, something we've occasionally done, but not as organized and meaningful as you guys have done it." --Gabe

"I just wanted to say that your site kicks ass and I am very impressed with it. Keep up the good work. Rock on!" --The Weird and Wicked one himself, Shane-o mac

"Hi, I just fumbled into your site while searching for background information on the lambertville high school.  I just wanted to give you guys a thumbs up, its really well done.  I am always looking for new places to experience and I wasnt aware of most of the destinations on your site. You have lots of great photos and interesting info, i will definitely be back. Keep putting cool stuff up on your site, and take care" --Danny

"I love your web site! Last summer while traveling to St. Louis, I became fascinated with the shell of an old motel near the Iowa/Missouri border. During my trip, I thought a lot about all the old highways and the abandoned buildings that are just full of "ghosts" from the past. When I returned home, I wrote a short story called, "The Cozy Rest Motel." I still wish I'd have stopped and photographed the place I saw on my trip. Anyway, I never dreamed there would be others who share this interest. I stumbled upon your site while browsing for images. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it." --Paula

"Girl your site ROCKS! I personally think you have one of the best websites on the net and have enjoyed looking at it off and on over the past year." --Trish

"I've been checkin out your website and its really cool and interesting. I do this stuff all the time with my boyfriend. We're in NY so we've only covered the NY and NJ stuff so far. You remind me so much of us, one of us driving the other with the computer and maps etc.. LOL I especially loved your pix of the SI monastery. I'd love to see more!" --Heather

"I have to tell you that I love this kind of stuff and I love to get lost too. I am from Freehold and love to see the abandoned and forgotten thing's this area has to offer and as you know route 9 is a treasure chest full of the dead and forgotten. Keep on getting lost as I love your site." --Robert

"I just wanted to say, I think your pictures are great, and I would totally love to go visit these places, but I am too much of a chicken..... your page is great and I give you alot of credit for what your doing! :-)" --Shell

"Hi Shady... Your pics of the Winchester Mansion are awesome! You are so lucky to have been able to go and see it! I have to tell you, you are one BRAVE girl to go to the "devil's house" by yourself! I don't know if I could have done that without freaking myself out. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new spooky adventures. I really wish I could do some too but I'd have to take my three year old along and I don't think he'd appreciate it as much as I would ;). Keep gettin' lost! Best wishes!" --FireSpirit

"Shady, I stumbled upon your website and I am happy I did. The photos are incredible!" --Michelle

"Hi, I just found your web site and I must say it is really great.... I have been into exploring for a long time and I have seen a lot of web sites and yours by far is one of my favorites. I get really upset when all these young kids who buy weird NJ ruin the places that you and I (among others) enjoy exploring. The reason the police patrol abandoned areas is because of the partying and vadalism. if everyone would explore and respect the abandoned then maybe others wouldn't be so scared to get locked up or fined.... Anyway I like Weird NJ and all the others but many of those places have become so mainstream the art isn't sacred anymore....This is why I like your site, you explore. you don't assume it's haunted but yet you have an open mind to anything. I also like your style of writing, it makes reading the story more exciting without making up tall tales..." --Annmarie

"Hello there, I have enjoyed checking out your lost adventures. I have for a long time enjoyed getting in the car and driving off trying to get lost. I was amused to find out that this is something others do too..." --Bill

"Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your site is awesome! If you need directions to anywhere, or anything else just ask and I'll be happy to help you out. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!" --Mike

"Lost Destinations is a damn good site. I didn't get to see much of it, because the net is running at the speed of a dead man's heartbeat tonight, but I liked the Vacancy Motel a lot. (An' you're a good photographer)" --Nick

"Hey Whats up? I came across your web site today while looking for more wierd places to visit other than the ones in wierd nj. Personally I think your website kicks ass!! I especially liked your page on Lambertville High School." --gtpchic

"Shady one! Found your site(s), 1st off I love Lost Destinations. You have a great sense of design in both things web based and photographed. I am sending you this email in response to the mystery face in the Sapphire Woods images. I did not see it at first, but when I did see it, I was amazed! Anyway, take care and I will stop in often" --Marc


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