On the night of March 16, Shady was found in a critical condition after an attempt at taking her life. EMS was called and Shady was rushed to the ER, where she spent the night in the hospital until she was stabilized. Once out of physical danger, she was admitted to the Psychiatric Center. When a person actually goes through with attempting to end their own life, they are automatically committed to the psychiatric hospital and then held there until they are no longer considered a danger to themselves. This is what happened in Shady's case.

When admitted to the hospital, Shady was dehydrated, malnourished, and nearly unable to function due to lack of sleep. She was also found to have dangerously abnormal potassium, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. This- in combination with the chronic illness she suffers from (Stein-Levanthal Syndrome), her long-term major depression, her inability to get medication and the emotional trauma of the last year- led to a breakdown. When Shady was abruptly abandoned without warning last year, she was left very suddenly with no home, savings, finances or support- including no way to procure any medical help. With no way to get her needed medications, her depression, desperation, and state of mind grew worse and worse. She spent the last year trying to go through dozens of different public and government channels for people in her situation but was unable to receive any help.

Though the experience leading up to it was very difficult, the opportunity to finally be admitted to and closely treated at such a good hospital was a major second chance at life for Shady.

As soon as her hospital stay began, she started recovering physically and mentally at an encouraging rate. She was able to finally be treated for her chronic illness as well as to get the medications she has needed for so long. The change is absolutely unbelievable- Shady is like a whole new (happier, healthier) girl. Physically, she is in better shape than she has been for maybe the last 10 years. The great doctors, RN's, techs, and everybody else at the hospital took excellent care of her, and worked hard to help her gain back her health for the first time in a decade- they have the complete, sincere thanks of Shady and Lost Destinations. Thomason- you guys got a lotta good people working there, thank you all.

Shady has recently been released from the hospital and she's now doing very well, and cannot wait to reconnect with the Internet and all of her much-missed friends out there in the world. We decided to post this info officially here, as there are a few people out there who already knew about it and we wanted to address it because we know some others have been concerned and wondering.

Shady will be back to work and back in touch with everyone soon.