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T H E   L O S T   S O U T H W E S T

We are sojourners and strangers in this nation that rewards those who succumb to the temptation of the desert --Joan B. Campbell

Welcome, traveler, you've discovered the Lost Southwest....

Welcome, traveler, you've discovered the Lost Southwest...


I was born and raised in the infamous border city of El Paso Texas (for those of you who don't know where that is, it's here).

Being located right on the border of Mexico, as well as thisclose to New Mexico, made it such an interesting place to grow up, as the entire area is rich with history and mystery. Old west ghost towns... mysterious haunted spots... timeworn cemeteries... fascinating urban legends... myriad roadside weirdness... it all made for some really intriguing explorations as a youngster. And since I moved back here in 2003, I've been exploring it all anew (and bringing my camera along!)

Below, you can join me on a tour of some of the lost corners of my Southwest stomping grounds, El Paso and beyond...


Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico
Gila Cliff Dwellings (Silver City, NM):
the vast, primitive remains of ancient structures built into a towering cliff in a NM canyon are the former home of the Mogollon tribe (who mysteriously abandoned the it), a place of great history and mystery

Cuervo, New Mexico
Cuervo (Cuervo, NM):
a dusty and deserted Eastern New Mexico ghost town.... complete with church, an old salon, and a couple of crumbling houses

Airplane Graveyard, El Paso, Texas
Airplane Graveyard (El Paso County, TX):
the mysterious 'airplane graveyard', where the eerie husks of countless abandoned planes (and helicopters, and motor homes, and other various machinery) shine mutely abandoned  in the TX sunlight

Dripping Springs, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Dripping Springs (Las Cruces, NM):
one of the most mysterious canyons of NM's Organ Mountain range and home to a beautiful natural spring formation as well as the ruins of the Van Patten Mountain Camp, Boyd's Sanatorium, and the mysterious La Cueva...

Van Patten Mountain Camp, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Van Patten Mountain Camp (Las Cruces, NM):
a remote abandoned resort which was constructed in the late 1800's and sits nestled deep within the rocky heart of the Organ Mountain range

Boyd's Sanatorium, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Boyd's Sanatorium (Las Cruces, NM):
this abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium, which was constructed around 1910, lies nearly-forgotten in a canyon reputedly filled with restless spirits

La Cueva, Las Cruces, New Mexico
La Cueva (Las Cruces, NM):
this secluded cave was once the home of the enigmatic man they called "El Ermitano" ("The Hermit"), and also the site of his murder- one of New Mexico's most infamous unsolved crimes

The Lodge, Cloudcroft, New Mexico
The Lodge (Cloudcroft, NM):
over the years, there have been many sightings of an auburn haired apparition floating through the halls of the historic (built 1911), haunted Victorian-style Lodge

Upper Canyon Cabin, Ruidoso, New Mexico
Upper Canyon Cabin (Ruidoso, NM):
a captivating abandoned New Mexican cabin hidden away amongst the trees of a thick green forest and perched right on the edge of the bank of the Rio Ruidoso

San Elizario Cemetery, San Elizario, New Mexico
San Elizario Cemetery (San Elizario, TX):
a dusty Old West TX cemetery complete with sinking plots, shallow graves, and a feathered guardian

The 'Angel Tree', El Paso, Texas
The Angel Tree (El Paso, TX):
alongside a shadowy road, a watchful, angelic figure carved from the trunk of a dead tree stands silently, forever peering at passerby with an inscrutable wooden face

La Llorona
La Llorona (Southwestern TX & NM):
the legend of a ghostly horse-headed spectral woman who haunts the lonely river banks, & the true story of my encounter with the mysterious bloody box

El Paso High, El Paso, Texas
El Paso High (El Paso, TX):
an undead female student is said to haunt this historic old high school after tragically ending her own life within it's halls

Loretto Academy, El Paso, Texas
Loretto Academy (El Paso, TX):
reported sightings of a ghost-nun pacing on moonlit nights within this unused bell tower add to it's eerie reputation

Thunderbird Mountain, El Paso, Texas
Thunderbird Mountain (El Paso, TX):
with the gigantic, amazing Thunderbird-shaped natural formation of red clay on it's mountainside, it's been there as long as anyone can remember, watching over the Southwestern desert, and it's legends are many


Do you have any background information or stories to tell about these mysterious sites, or any other lost locations in this area?


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