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Now comes the mystery --Henry Ward Beecher's last words



We are looking for a few good Scoobs! Everyone has at least one weird/spooky/unbelievable tale about some creepy/abandoned/urban-legendary place. Some of us even have pictures *grin* Do you have a story/stories and/or photos you'd like to see posted on the site? If so, YOU can become a Lost Destinations contributor...

So, what does that mean, anyway? Well, that means that you can submit your own stories and/or photographs for publication on this website, and you- yes, you- can become a virtual Scooby and have your work featured right here!

What kind of stuff can you contribute? Anything that goes along with the theme of the site- we are looking for photos and/or stories from across the land about anything lost, abandoned, urban-legendary, spooky, haunted, mysterious, historical, bizarre, creepy, unbelievable, paranormal, etc. Your work will be posted on your very own page which can be seen by all visitors to LostDestinations.com, and which you can share with whomever you'd like.

What do you get in return? We do not pay $$$ for contributions because... well... we just can't afford it... LOL! We do this site for love- not profit- we keep the website up and running with the help of the sales of our Lost goods, which covers only part of our costs for operating the site. So what will you get out of becoming a contributor? Well, besides getting your spot in the limelight, plus the undying admiration of all your pals when they find out that you have been published on the Internet, you will also get your own page on the site to showcase your photos and/or stories. If desired, you can also have your own Scooby profile page, and of course you are welcome and encouraged to promote and include any information you'd like on your page- a website address, email or other contact information, links to whatever you'd like, or anything else you can think of.

Ok, how do I contribute? Easy- just use the simple submission form provided here:



Please keep in mind that any material you contribute must be your own original work! All of your work will be credited to you of course- you will of course retain all copyright over your material and it will only be posted with your permission.

So, submit your contributions today and let everyone explore the mysteries of the world as seen through your eyes... we're waaaiiiting.


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