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name: Casper


homepage: Sextanika

gratuitous Scooby plug: TaraTeleri.com

Scooby skills: Running into Places that I shouldn't be on accident. Oops I did it
again. History is my pleasure. I plan on marrying Google one of these
days too

fave Lost trip: Cuervo, New Mexico, the abandoned town off Interstate
40. Stopped there for gas on my road trip from California to Iowa and
what do ya know? There wasn't even a gas station!

most memorable Scooby moment: Well I'm always excited when I find
something, so they are all memorable to me

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: If you could clone Velma
and Scrappy Doo together, that's who I'd be

dream car: 1949 Cadillac Coupe with Tequila Sunrise Effects

favorite villain/s: Poison Ivy From Batman

hobbies & distractions: Internet, driving aimlessly around, herb
gardens, and shiny things

hang-ups & phobias: Stupid People, running out of gas, heights, and
big ugly spiders

personal theme song for getting Lost: I have lots and lots, but "On
The Road Again" always pops into my head

I've lost: My Soul... Can you find it for me?

places explored: The Black Angel, 'Broken Alley', Cuervo, House Of Sand And Fog, House Of '77, MaryJane House, The Party Bus, The House Of Handprints




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