T H E   B O N E   H O U S E

The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones --William Shakespeare

The Bone House

The Bone House, Route 516, New Jersey

explored by: Shady

Back when we lived in New Jersey, I occasionally drove down Route 516 (mostly on my way to/from the Matawan train station), and at one secluded stretch in the road, I always noticed the peeling gingerbread trim of a deserted old house peeking out from behind a dark wall of woods. Ohh how tempting! Finally, one summer day I seized a chance to pull over for a few minutes and check it out...

The time I spent exploring this forbidding place was short, but spooky. The first challenge was getting close to the place at all- it sat literally caged inside of an intricate thicket of tangled woods. A machete would have come in handy- alas, I didn't bring mine. When I finally did get close enough to see the house (multiple thorn-scratches later), it was obvious that it was in a pretty dilapidated state. From the height of the doors and windows it looked like there used to be an elevated porch running around the place, but any evidence of it had long-since fallen away and rotted into the forest floor.

I had a creeped-out feeling about this house as soon as I got close to it. The entire structure was leaning haphazardly, and making a slight creaking noise as if it was about to fall over. There were a few open windows but with the missing porch they were too high for me to reach, although I could see into them just enough to tell that the interior walls were covered in swastikas and Nazi-related graffiti (and I did hold my camera up above my head and managed to get one shot of what looks like a bathroom) The doors were boarded up and I couldn't find a way in, but after seeing the graffiti (and the crumbling state of the house) I wasn't sure that I wanted to. But there was still a lil' more creepiness to discover...

As I wandered around to the back of the place, I passed a basement entrance that was crammed with burnt and jagged timber. I also found a rickety old shed. But the thing that drew my attention was a strange, waist-high pile of large rocks (shaped like some funeral cairn) nestled in the foliage behind the house. I decided to poke around and see what it was, moving some of the smaller, head-sized (yes those were the smaller ones) rocks away from the edge of the pile. Little did I know what I would find underneath...

...bones, bones, and more bones! Under the rocks- piles of bones... leg bones... spinal bones... even a whole ribcage half-buried in the ground... I could clearly recognize animal bones in the mix (part of a deer skull is visible in this pic even), though I couldn't identify what most of them were, who knows. The really eerie thing was that mixed in amongst the bones and rocks were what looked like the personal effects of a person/persons unknown... high-heeled shoes... a monogrammed purse (initials: PS)... shreds of clothing.... stuff like that. It was most likely animal bones under the pile, and maybe old shoes/clothing/etc dragged out from inside of the house over the years. That's what I told myself, anyway... but let me tell you, it was a bit freaky, looking at that stuff, all alone in the middle of the damned woods behind some super-creepy-looking old house. And wondering how the huge rocks got piled up like that. Thinking of the gingerbread trim decorating the house, all I could picture was an evil old (Nazi cannibal??!) witch in the woods... luring people to her place and eating them, then hiding their bones in the rock pile out back. Yes, I have an overactive imagination. Heh.

I had such a bad feeling while at that place... but before I could even decide to leave, my camera decided it for me- it somehow just froze up and would not work anymore soon after I discovered the bone-pile. That was the final bit of creepiness... I decided to go. And go I did, feeling like there were eyes on me the whooooole walk back to the car (which was a distance away down the isolated road); I have to admit I felt kind of relieved when I was sitting safely in the driver's seat once again.

I don't know what became of this place, these pics were shot before I moved back to Texas. For all I know it may be standing there still, lost in the woods, gingerbread trim, backyard bone-pile, and all... so if you happen to wander past it's boarded-up doors, watch out for that witch... *wink*

Do you have any background information or stories to tell about this lost destination?


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