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Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of Time --Aristotle


Here you will find places of business, commerce, or gathering, once filled with the buzz of daily activity, now long silenced, abandoned and forgotten...

The Wander Inn
The Wander Inn:
bar and grill... outdoor entertainment complex... just what exactly was this abandoned cluster of cabana-like buildings left to be buried in the dead leaves of the NJ woods...?

Building 265
Building 265:
what purpose did this odd NJ building serve when it was 'operational'... and whose (fresh) blood was that we found dripped on the ground outside? And what is 265?

The Party Bus
The Party Bus:
this old abandoned bus has seen it's share of partying, but now sits silent and forgotten in an Iowa field

U.S. Lighthouse Service Depot
U.S. Lighthouse Service Depot:
the majestic old Lighthouse Depot in Staten Island is dotted by many looming and intricate vacant structures that are rich with history

Monroc Facility
Monroc Facility:
out of a desolate stretch of icy Idaho snow looms a ramshackle, helter-skelter place bristling with countless rickety old ladders leading to nowhere

New York Yacht Club
New York Yacht Club:
the crumbling, historic old NY Yacht Club (aka McFarlane-Bredt House) in Staten Island, New York, keeps silent vigil over the Narrows and the New York Harbor

Paulinskill Viaduct
Paulinskill Viaduct:
an immense, towering abandoned railroad bridge- Paulinskill Viaduct (aka Hainesburg Viaduct) is a legendary giant

+Tower Of Terror+
Tower Of Terror:
a towering, empty haunted house attraction looms ominously in the middle of a desolate, icy Idaho field

+Staten Island Monastery+
Staten Island Monastery (St. Augustine's):
a legend in the annals of mysterious and abandoned lore, this enormous, spooky, abandoned monastery waits silently atop Grymes Hill

a rambling abandoned recreation complex complete with decaying cabanas and an old swimming pool

Lambertville High Revisited:
we return for the most comprehensive tour of Lambertville yet- complete with video clips

Old Coal Mill:
a dark and empty old coal mill sits alone on a spooky back country road

Lambertville High School:
our first visit to the legendary "haunted" abandoned high school

Lost Destinations
Sunset Cabin:
this huge, rambling, old log cabin restaurant now stands quiet and deserted

Lost Destinations
Ocean Veterinary:
this neglected & somber veterinary clinic quietly falls into decay

Desolation Diner:
an abandoned, graceful old diner now sits silent, cold & alone

The Vacancy Motel:
a spooky empty motel out on Route 9, complete with Vacancy sign- no reservations needed

The Greenhouse:
the wild plants have taken over this deserted greenhouse

once a huge, bustling department store... now a barren and deserted shell

Sesame Inn:
a forgotten, lonely Chinese restaurant now darkened and boarded up... table for two, anyone??

Kobe Japanese Restaurant:
elegant and desolate, the abandoned Kobe was once a lovely restaurant...

Jackson Firehouse:
the empty, blood-red brick building that used to be a Jackson firehouse

Howell Carpet:
last snapshots of a gloomy, defunct business in it's last days of existence


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