+A R T   B Y   S H A D Y+

All that we see or seem, Is but a dream within a dream --Edgar Allan Poe



(above) helpless photographs yield to my mad digital manipulations... mwaa haa haa: dancing with herself, oh oh, oh oh- a ghostly dancer in the deserted Staten Island Monastery... the Twisted-Tree House does the time warp. Again.


+Becca By Moonlight+

+It Killed The Cat+

+Ghoul School+

(above) pixels drip like technicolor paint-drops from my make-believe paintbrush: ghostly siren Rebecca and the Lodge... a very Shady self portrait... the school spirit of spooky Lambertville High School


+Chaos Incarnate+

(above) Shady..? The Jersey Devil..?? A self portrait in ink and watercolor..?? The world may never know... mwaa ha ha


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A R T I S T   I N F O:




location::El Paso Texas

inspiration/s::whatever lies beyond the No Trespassing sign


+M O R E   L O S T   A R T+

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