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+Angel Eyez+



name: Angel Eyez

email: angeleyez@lostdestinations.com

Scooby skills: finding Scooby Snacks

fave Lost trip: NYC Times Square

most memorable Scooby moment: the crazy guy on the subway in NYC

Scooby-Doo character I most identify with: Shaggy 'cause I love Mary Jane

dream car: 64 Impala

favorite villain/s: Pinky and The Brain

hobbies & distractions: candle-making

hang-ups & phobias: the only thing I fear is fear itself... oh yeah and skeletons under flesh

personal theme song for getting Lost: "Wish You Were Here"...Pink Floyd

I've lost: my sanity

places explored: Airplane Graveyard, Boyd's Sanatorium, La Cueva, Van Patten Mountain Camp



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